Renusol’s all-new website

Robust mounting equipment is essential for every solar installation. While it is often overlooked in favour of high inverter efficiencies or an ultra-sleek panel, mounting can make or break any PV project. As such, it’s vital to choose high-quality components which will keep modules in place for as long as possible.

Renusol makes mounting incredibly easy. German manufacturing and precision engineering mean every piece of mounting equipment available surpasses expectations. Now, the company has a brand-new website to match the sleek design and renowned reliability of its PV products.

Learn about the features of the new website and how Renusol is continuing to support the South African solar market.

Essential product information

Among a variety of other features, the updated site includes information on real-life case studies using Renusol’s products. The snapshots of the studies show Renusol mounting equipment used on a range of roof types. Renusol’s versatility and ability to cater to the needs of every site truly sets the company aside from its competitors.

For example, the VarioSole+ range is the perfect equipment for all pitched roofs, no matter what the material. Available in both silver and black, this product is of a modular design and offers incredibly flexible application as one only clamp is required for all installations.

For metal roofs, Renusol’s MetaSole+ range suits all trapezoidal or corrugated designs. These products feature non-continuous rails and require few parts, thereby minimising costs. What’s more, SegenSolar and Renusol have collaborated to create the MetaSole+ High Top. This product is higher than its standard counterpart and allows for increased airflow around the panels — ideal for hot climates like that of South Africa.

The TriSole+ is a foldable, triangular system that can be used on most roof types. This system is adjustable, easy to manage and universal for an exceptional variety of applications.

If you are short on roof space or it is simply unsuitable for solar, Renusol’s ConSole+ range is the solution. This free-standing kit enables mounting on the ground without the need to penetrate the soil thanks to its ballasted design. The ConSole+ was the first system to be released by Renusol and is, therefore, the company’s most tried-and-tested (and globally trusted) solution available for ground mounting and flat roofs.

Painless PV design

Renusol’s intelligent design software is nestled neatly in the new website. The PV-Configurator 3.0 offers unbeatable benefits to installers, from guaranteeing accurate design to finding the most ergonomic solution in a matter of minutes.

What’s more, the PV-Configurator 3.0 is embedded into SegenSolar’s easy-to-use PV design tool, Quick Quote. If you are a solar installer, sign up to the customer portal to use this free software and create the perfect project today.

Consistent delivery since 1997

Founded in 1997, Renusol has a history of delivering a simple, solid service to the solar market. The products are user-friendly yet intelligent and are certified and durable to ensure maximum safety for all customers. Renusol is focussed on making it as easy as possible to install solar and has contributed significantly to the future of the renewable energy industry.

Renusol’s reach is unmistakable. To date, the company has delivered more than 3GW of mounting systems to 48 countries worldwide. In South Africa, its Technical Sales Manager, Christopher Steinbach, is on the ground to offer support to customers in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Discover Renusol’s unparalleled mounting solutions with SegenSolar today.