Renusol: Universal mounting solutions

Although it might seem obvious, one of the most important things to consider when installing solar panels is the roof they are mounted on. Whether the roof is flat or pitched determines the angle at which the sunlight hits the modules, influencing energy generation and weathering — something to consider in particular when installing panels on a pitched roof. And without the appropriate solution, the panels will not fit securely and safely.

Renusol is determined to make solar projects as easy as possible for its customers. To do so, this manufacturer has developed a range of mounting solutions with remarkably flexible application possibilities, meaning you can ensure you get the right fit for your client, every time.

Universal products for pitched roofs

The only hook you need

The Renusol RH1 roof hook is an exciting new addition to Renusol’s 2022 product range and comes with the impressive features you would expect from this leading mounting manufacturer. With an extraordinarily high load capacity, this hook is 25% stronger than Renusol’s previous model. This makes for a unique product that can carry much more than ever before, effectively reducing the number of hooks required for a single installation.

This hook also offers extensive configuration possibilities. The fully adjustable base plate allows installers to adjust the product’s position as per the needs of their customer’s roof, ensuring secure fitment between rafters or tiles. In addition, the hook’s 25mm adjustment range makes installing panels easy, even on uneven roofs.

The highly adaptable nature of this application is consistent with other solutions in the Renusol mounting range, such as its universal clamps.

One clamp for all applications

The Renusol RS1 universal clamp is an equally flexible mounting solution with enough possibilities to eliminate the need for any other clamps. This patented clamp is appropriate for all module frame heights from 30mm to 50mm, and the head can be adjusted by 90 degrees to suit both middle and end clamping. It is easily installable, with a self-locking function.

The array of options for this single product also keeps installation costs low, making for a more affordable system. Projects are made easier and more cost-effective with Renusol products, thus benefiting both the client and installer.

Endless possibilities

The modular Renusol VS+ system allows for seamless rooftop panel installation using a combination of hooks, hanger bolts and standing seam clamps. It boasts various possibilities for dozens of different roof connections, lengths and heights and is appropriate for use with almost all pitched roofs. This universal system is easy to integrate into your next PV project — whatever the requirements.

Why choose Renusol?

If it is not already clear from Renusol’s stellar product portfolio, this leading mounting manufacturer is an ideal partner for any project due to the comprehensive and straightforward nature of its solutions. As well as Renusol’s extensive pitched-roof offering, this manufacturer also specialises in flat-roof, in-roof, ground-mounted and freestanding PV mounting systems.

With 25 years of experience in the solar industry, Renusol has the acquired knowledge and expertise to deliver consistently high-quality, reliable and cost-effective products. This history shines through its innovative new releases and services, bolstered by the unique and innovative PV-Configurator 3.0 project design software.

This free online tool allows installers to receive a tailored project report in just a few clicks, complete with an assembly plan, structural calculations, documentation of parameters and a parts list. By removing the need for users to install data manually, Renusol saves its customers valuable time and helps avoid errors, enhancing each system’s safety. 

You can find the Renusol mounting solutions on the SegenSolar portal. Log in to make your purchase or use the PV-Configurator 3.0 to design an accurate, cost-effective mounting system today.