A bespoke system-building software with Renusol 

SegenSolar’s appreciation for Renusol’s unparalleled mounting solutions is no secret. The company’s robust and reliable equipment can now be used and specified accurately for sites across the globe thanks to Renusol’s unique PV-Configurator 3.0. Since its release in late 2018, this software has been beneficial for installers in a multitude of countries.

However, intelligent design tools can be intimidating when they are unfamiliar, which is why SegenSolar offers brief guidance below on how to use the system via the customer portal.

Why use the PV-Configurator 3.0?

Renusol’s innovative design tool truly is state of the art. Its unique features mean an accurate system can be designed in minutes while simultaneously saving costs. The software precisely determines the components required for operational safety of any system, thereby avoiding the purchase of unnecessary parts.

South African-specific wind loads have recently become embedded in the Configurator, so the user need not choose between different wind zones on the map. A fully automatic wind load calculation via google interface is now available.

Additionally, the KL+ clamp for Saflok 700 and Kliptite 700 profiles have now been made available in the tool. After extensive testing at CSIR Institute in Pretoria, the bearing capacity of the new fastener has been implemented in the PV-Configurator, so every project can be calculated to highest engineering standards.

When using this tool, the installation is sped up thanks to the delivery of exact parts, which makes for straightforward assembly.

Renusol is the market leader of PV mounting safety, as demonstrated by the nuances of this advanced software. As an example, wind tunnel tests within the tool allow the user to test realistic wind loads for more economical design.

One of the tool’s salient characteristics is its transparency. This unique feature means every project report contains static information on each component.

The PV-Configurator 3.0 has been created with universality in mind, too. As such, the tool is available in nine languages and offers wind calculations from 17 different countries. What’s more, the software offers detailed assembly plans, which are easy to read on site.

Some brief guidance from the experts

SegenSolar’s Quick Quote tool is another unique piece of online kit available for all customers to use for free. The SegenSolar team discusses the importance and benefit of using this tool in its latest blog.

The Quick Quote design tool links seamlessly with Renusol’s PV-Configurator 3.0 within Quick Quote. These tools work together to offer live product recommendations, technical MPPT matching and storage systems from SegenSolar — coupled with specialist wind-loading calculations, site-specific ballast calculations and official manufacturer recommendations from Renusol.

SegenSolar offers a step-by-step summary of how to use Renusol’s integrated PV-Configurator 3.0 within its Design Tool on the customer portal.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Quick Quote’ tool on the portal (within ‘Place orders’ tab)

Step 2: Choose a panel

Step 3: Choose ‘Renusol’ as your mounting manufacturer

Step 4: Click ‘Renusol Integration’ for the Mounting Type field

Step 5: Click ‘Renusol Designer’ and you will be redirected to the PV-Configurator 3.0

Step 6: Choose the terrain that best suits your type from the ‘Terrain Category’ dropdown

Step 7: Choose your location via Google interface. The wind load is imported automatically.

Step 8: Select your roof shape and enter correct dimensions in metres. Don’t forget to confirm the substructure of roof covering (tiles, slates, IBR etc.)

Step 9: Select your mounting type and the module orientation

Step 10: Click on the ‘BOM/Static Calculation’ when you are finished

The Configurator effortlessly performs the complex calculations required for determining which products to use. Once the statics calculation is complete, you can view the mandatory Renusol components by clicking ‘3 Partlist’ on the left.

Once you have been redirected to the portal, you will see all relevant Renusol components in the Quick Quote designer.

The full guide is available for installers by visiting the Documentation tab, following through to Technical Buying Guides and selecting ‘Using the Renusol Configurator with SegenSolar Designer’.

Renusol caters for the South African market

While being a German manufacturer focussed on precision engineering and pioneering innovation in the PV industry, Renusol now has a firm footing in South Africa.

Christopher Steinbach — a Renusol mounting expert — works closely with the SegenSolar technical team on the ground in South Africa. You can learn more about Christopher’s expertise and involvement with SegenSolar in this blog.

What’s more, SegenSolar and Renusol partnered to create the MetaSole+ High Top rail: explicitly designed for the South African market. Created with additional height to allow for improved cooling, better ventilation and, therefore, increased module efficiency, this component was Renusol and SegenSolar’s direct response to the needs of installers in South Africa’s warmer climate.

Want to learn more about Renusol’s mounting products? Explore the full range now, or sign up to the exclusive customer portal to make use of the integrated PV-Configurator 3.0.