Renusol: going above and beyond

SegenSolar customers will know that we are keen advocates for voluntary work, having been involved in countless site visits and donation schemes to support local communities and empower future generations.

But being a socially responsible company is not just about the activities we engage in.

To allow installers to make responsible decisions when investing in solar products and ensure we are a force for positive change in the PV industry, we have always been eager to partner with likeminded brands with an equally strong passion for doing good — and one such brand is Renusol.

As one of the industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative manufacturers of PV mounting solutions, Renusol has proven its commitment to driving for positive change with its eager involvement in all aspects of the solar industry.

So, in case you have missed any of its recent activity, here are just a few things Renusol has been up to over the last year.

Getting involved in meaningful initiatives

Renusol recently sponsored a dual training-internship scheme designed to improve the accessibility of solar careers.

This scheme was led by GREEN Solar Academy, a solar training provider that SegenSolar has proudly partnered with in the past, and KP Cares, a non-profit organisation aiming to end poverty in South Africa through quality education and development and affordable and clean energy.

With the support of manufacturers like Renusol, the two companies sought to provide young South Africans with valuable work experience that forms a solid foundation for a long-term career in the PV industry.

As part of the programme, attendees took part in a practical course to learn how to safely and securely affix PV solutions to different rooftops, using Renusol’s industry-leading mounting solutions along the way.

Attendees would then visit sites powered by commercial-scale PV systems, observing installation and getting hands-on experience with system application and maintenance — and hopefully secure a full-time installer position at the end of it all.

By planting the seeds for PV careers and providing the tools for the next generation of installers to excel in this field, Rensuol has helped to strengthen the solar industry; addressing skills gaps and ensuring ongoing socio-economic benefits for communities that need them most.

Plus, the Renusol team has taken part in some hands-on activities themselves…

Last summer, members of the Renusol team proudly donned their braded cycling attire to participate in the Renewable Energies World Race, riding 5.5 km through Provence, France alongside other likeminded, equally ambitious renewable energy companies.

Although competitive spirit is certainly central to an event of this kind, and the idea of Renusol seeding past its competitors is rather on the nose, it really is the taking part that counts — and this manufacturer has proven its active participation in the solar industry throughout its company history.

Pushing for a bigger, better solar industry

Renusol’s core values of ‘Simple. Solid. Service’ have underpinned its unwavering commitment to improving and expanding its capabilities in line with current market demand over the last quarter of a century — developing cutting-edge mounting solutions that improve ease of use and durability.

And what better example of this than Renusol’s universal products?

The universal RS1 clamp for middle and end clamping, for instance, can be used on all framed modules with heights between 30 mm and 50 mm.

Available in silver and black, these clamps combine durability with flexibility, boasting an adjustable height and compact design that reduce the number of products needed per installation, save money on shipping and installation — and make life a whole lot easier for installers!

What’s more, Renusol also offer complete mounting systems for different roof types, including the MetaSole+ or MS+ range for metal roofs and VarioSole+ or VS+ range for pitched roofs.

Comprising everything installers need to complete a safe and secure installation, such as roof clamps, hooks and mounting rails, these systems are an excellent, fuss-free option for all types of installations.

SegenSolar is proud to partner with a brand as dynamic as Renusol, and boasts a wide selection of Renusol mounting solutions on the portal. Just log in or sign up for a free account to discover what we have to offer.