A history of solar racking

Established in 1997, Renusol has consistently provided exceedingly high-quality mounting solutions for the solar industry. The company has contributed its share to the rapidly growing number of photovoltaic solutions across the globe, and with 20 years of distinguished company history, Renusol has been innovating new products with each passing year.

Straightforward solutions for the world

More than 3GW of PV systems using Renusol mounting products have been installed in 48 countries worldwide. The brand is well-trusted and reputable thanks to high levels of safety and competitive prices. The company’s ethos centres around precise design which comes naturally thanks to its German origins.

With regards to the design and configuration process, Renusol has increased safety levels without seeing rocketing costs. Precise design is the ultimate solution, and that is the most prolific contribution Renusol has made to the expansion of the solar market.

No matter where the products are being manufactured or shipped to, Renusol remains true to the corporate philosophy of a simple, solid service. The company is openly committed to hassle-free, secure solutions and comprehensive services.

A stepping-stone to solar in Africa

Since striking up a relationship with SegenSolar, Renusol has become a household name in South Africa and its products have been available and widely applied throughout the country. Previously, the company recognised the distinct lack of safe, adequate mounting systems available for installers in Sub-Saharan Africa. In response to this gap in the market, Renusol began manufacturing products with the South African customer in mind.

Renusol has plans to begin manufacturing locally in South Africa in the coming months. Rails for the Variosole Plus (VS+) pitched roof product range will be produced locally, the main benefits of which concern product logistics. For example, installers can expect lower lead times for orders, reduced shipment efforts (as the long rails are usually shipped overseas), better material availability and reduced volumes of oversea shipments.

The company has transitioned into providing its services to South Africa given the viable prospects of solar energy and general stable market growth across the country. Renusol sees South Africa as a bridge to bringing reliable solar solutions to other exciting markets in Africa.

Your configuration assistant

SegenSolar is delighted to offer the Renusol PV Configurator 3.0 via the online customer portal, integrated within SegenSolar’s ‘System Designer’. On selecting the ‘Renusol Designer’, customers are redirected to Renusol’s website and the configuration tool.

This software saves costs and increases the safety of any PV system, which is a valuable contribution to renewable energy growth. The PV Configurator saves costs by precisely determining the components required for the operational safety of the system. The tool helps installers to avoid purchasing unnecessary parts and, in turn, speeds up the installation process. The design itself is also incredibly fast: an experienced user can design a project in just 90 seconds! See below for a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

  1. Choose your roof type
  2. Decide on layout
  3. Enter site details
  4. Make changes to the array if required
  5. Click ‘BOM/Static Calculation’, and the Configurator will determine whether your design is valid
  6. Select the ‘Part List’ tab to view your recommended Renusol components

This new functionality aims to offer customers the option of designing a very detailed mounting kit design with Renusol’s software. The software fully supports wind load and ballast calculations for all mounting types and can generate a full PDF report.

In terms of safety, Renusol remains a market leader in this field, thanks to extensive static analyses. For example, the implementation of wind tunnel tests mimics realistic wind loads and allows for more economical designs. The company’s transparency is also unique, as every project report contains static information on each component.

Additionally, the PV Configurator has a range of other benefits:

  • Incorporation of snow and wind load standards from 17 countries including South Africa
  • Available in nine different languages
  • Adapted drawing function from Google Maps
  • Simple editing of module fields
  • Detailed assembly plans that can easily be accessed and read on a construction site
  • This design tool was created in response to customers’ needs. Since its introduction, Renusol has developed the all-new ‘multi-roof’ feature: an element which allows customers to design for multiple roofs within the same project.

Discover Renusol’s racking solutions now with SegenSolar, or sign up to the exclusive installer portal for access to the state-of-the-art design software.