Ready for REVOV: get to know our trusted manufacturer!

Installers trust SegenSolar to continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for PV products, with an unbeatable offering that is constantly expanding in line with installer demand and changing industry requirements.

Whilst solar has always been a few steps ahead of other industries, revolving around eco-friendly energy supplies, sustainability is higher on personal and global agendas than ever before — and we are always eager to do better.

So, a space for even more ‘green’ PV suppliers  has emerged in recent years, and we are proud to say that REVOV, one of the latest names to join our portfolio, has helped fill it…

What is REVOV?

REVOV is a renowned supplier of lithium-ion batteries, all of which are designed to address South Africa’s key energy concerns: the insecure national grid, calls to reduce carbon emissions and demand for renewable energy and energy storage solutions.

Unsurprisingly, REVOV has taken the solar industry by storm since its inception in 2016 — seeing great success with its repurposed solutions.

Taking modules from electric vehicles, where they would only be used for five years, despite having between 10 and 15 years of static storage use left in them, REVOV gives perfectly good components a new lease of life by repurposing them in its 2nd LiFe batteries!

These innovative products come with a lower carbon footprint and a lower price tag than brand-new PV batteries, but still boast all the top-notch features installers expect from one of our partners.

REVOV’s 2nd LiFe batteries

All 2nd LiFe battery modules from REVOV come with automotive-grade cells, lending them their good temperature resistance and long life cycle.

The R100 is the manufacturer’s hero product, with its low voltage of 51.2V, 5.1kWh capacity and parallel capability of 16 units — making it dynamic enough to power all sorts of residential systems, including off-grid, backup and self-consumption.

Further flexibility is gained from the battery’s numerous installation possibilities, as the R100 can be positioned in a variety of orientations, including on a wall or in a rack, and its broad compatibility with leading inverter brands, such as Victron Energy and Sunsynk.

And that is not all!

This battery comes with built-in protection against over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature to actively minimise fire risk, preserve battery health and provide peace of mind in the safety of the system. Plus, it also comes with a 100% maximum depth of discharge for outstanding efficiency — an easy asset to any PV system.

Installers will be pleased to know that these impressive features are mimicked in REVOV’s R9 2nd LiFe battery, which comes with a 51.2 voltage and 11.2kWh capacity.

This higher capacity model has the same impressive parallel capabilities, depth of discharge, safety protection and flexibility as the R100, but the R9 is a 1C battery, taking one hour to charge, rather than 0.5C battery, which takes two hours to charge.

Both models also come with a warranty of 10 years (or 3,500 cycles) and present an attractive solution for anyone looking for a bigger, better PV battery that knocks traditional alternatives out of the park!

Find the R100 and R9 2nd LiFe batteries in our REVOV portfolio on the portal — just log in or make a free account today.