Pylontech UP5000: your residential storage partner

Small-scale energy storage is on the rise in South Africa. Homeowners are recognising the benefits of being above to store surplus energy generated throughout the day for later use.

Particularly as we begin to transition into the summer months, the number of sun hours each day is only increasing — guaranteeing there will be more energy generated by a PV system than a typical household is capable of consuming. Meaning a PV battery is just what your home needs…

The SegenSolar experts recommend the UP5000 battery from Pylontech: a high-tech solution packed with unique features.

The ultimate UP5000 solution

The UP5000 battery is a mid-range 48V battery that is ideal for daily cycling applications with a lifetime of over 4,500 cycles at a 95% depth of discharge.

This battery also suits larger domestic applications as you can parallel up to 16 units for up to 72.96kWh of high-performance energy storage.

This reliable solar storage solution comes with a seven-year warranty. However, its ultra-reliable performance and superior low failure rate mean it should last over 10 years.

The best way to buy

At SegenSolar, we are always looking for new ways to make our customers’ lives easier.

For example, we host regular, free webinar sessions for our installers, providing installation training on our best-selling PV solutions. While these webinars were initially a temporary replacement for the in-person training events that were unable to go ahead due to the pandemic’s restrictions, they have proved to be immensely popular. We have no intentions of discontinuing them any time soon!

In addition to our webinars, we recently launched the brand-new Kit Builder tool on the portal. This free software is designed to enable customers to purchase a complete, compatible PV system with all required components in just a few clicks.

The tool is easy to use: simply select your Kit from the selection of expert-designed Off-Grid, Self-Consumption, Grid Back-Up or PV Kits and make any adjustments to suit your site. We have set parameters within the tool so that any adjustments will not render the system faulty or incompatible.

Once the customer is happy, they can purchase their system and expect their order to be dispatched quicker than if they had bought the products individually by simply adding the components to their cart.

Not only is Kit Builder the most efficient way to purchase on the portal, but it also offers the best price possible. We apply a 3% net discount across every PV system designed using Kit Builder and lock this discounted price in for 30 days! This saving applies in addition to the competitive portal prices we already offer to our installer customers.

So — what are you waiting for? Find Pylontech batteries in Kit Builder today and get designing! 

A little more on Pylontech

Pylontech’s industry standing is no secret.

The company is a pioneer of lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology and has developed dozens of award-winning energy storage solutions that have been deployed all over the world. With over 300,000 customers and more than 3GWH of delivered capacity internationally, Pylontech truly is a leader in its field.

Since its founding in 2009, Pylontech has expanded its global reach into over 80 countries. As well as receiving several notable recognitions from leading industry bodies, Pylontech was listed on the STAR Market in 2020: an incredible accolade given the uncertainty in the industry due to COVID-19.

Pylontech is proudly using its innovation to change the way people generate, transfer and use electricity worldwide.

If you are a solar installer looking to embark on your renewable energy journey, create an account on the free SegenSolar portal today. If you are a homeowner and want a Pylontech storage solution installed, you can get in touch with a member of our friendly team who would be delighted to assist you.