Pylontech: one of Forbes China’s most innovative companies!

SegenSolar prides itself on forging long-standing partnerships with brands and manufacturers at the forefront of development within the solar industry. One such company is Pylontech, with more than 10 years of experience developing state-of-the-art lithium batteries and accessories for PV energy storage systems.

Pylontech’s exceptional product range and considerable contributions to the renewable energy sector have been recently recognised in a prestigious and respected summary of the most forward-thinking organisations in China: the 2022 Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies list.

Lighting the way for solar power

Forbes, a distinguished global media company, releases its 50 Most Innovative Companies list on an annual basis, measuring each organisation’s performance based on its operations throughout the last 12 months. These widely referenced rankings provide an essential and authoritative indication of what names to look out for in the coming year.

It comes as no surprise that Pylontech earned a place amongst the best names in the country in this year’s list, given that its semi-annual report showed a 132.4% rise in its investment in research and development (R&D) in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

By committing so much time and energy to investigating new PV solutions, Pylontech is helping to advance existing technologies and create new, cutting-edge solar products that will provide the foundation for the future of the PV landscape in South Africa and beyond.

Earlier this year, the company’s industry leadership, consistency and competitiveness also earned it a place in the MSCI China A Onshore Index. This index captures the performance of stocks listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, demonstrating investor confidence in the company and consolidating its position as one of the most influential names in the solar industry.

These impressive achievements illustrate Pylontech’s commitment to driving positive change in the industry, reflected in its ambitious approach to sustainability as our reliance on fossil fuels becomes increasingly unrealistic amidst the ongoing climate crisis. Pylontech has nearly 200 patents that allow the manufacturer to pave the way for greener energy solutions with high-quality, dependable PV products — many of which we proudly stock on the portal.

Solutions for every setting

The breadth of Pylontech’s solar battery portfolio means there is a solution for every type of system, including residential and commercial.

For example, the Pylontech UP2500 is ideally suited to residential installations. This battery is a 2.84 kWh lithium-ion module that packs a punch for smaller-scale PV systems, capable of paralleling up to 20 units.

The US2000 C, US3000 C and UP5000 have an impressive depth of discharge (DoD) of 95% for more usable capacity and a parallel capability of up to 16 units per bank. Plus, with a modular design, systems containing the UP5000 can be easily expanded to accommodate greater energy needs. These batteries can be linked through Pylontech’s LV-Hub — a low-voltage communications hub that can manage multiple 48 V battery groups in parallel.

For larger commercial applications, we recommend the Pylontech PowerCube H2. This battery can supply 240–864 V for higher voltage applications and benefits from LiFePO4 technology for enhanced safety and a longer life cycle.

Scalable, flexible and durable, this product is suitable for both rack-mounted and container-based systems and can be paired with the PowerTower and relevant door kit for even greater security. This storage cabinet features a sleek, heavy-duty design and smart Cliplock™ rails for fast and easy installation.  rails for fast and easy installation.

Installers count on Pylontech’s solar batteries and accessories for high-quality PV systems they can rely on, no matter the energy supply requirements.

We are proud to work with Pylontech — a manufacturer at the forefront of PV energy storage development. To discover the possibilities of Pylontech’s exceptional products, log in or create an account on the free SegenSolar portal today!