Pylontech: as seen in Kit Builder

The SegenSolar portal is home to an array of energy storage solutions from global PV manufacturers.

Among them is Pylontech: a leading manufacturer of lithium solar storage solutions with award-winning products for various applications. The company’s innovation and drive for quality means Pylontech is a trusted ESS battery partner for more than 300,000 end-users worldwide and is ranked by IHS Research as being in the top two ESS battery suppliers globally.

Developed using lithium-iron-phosphate technology, Pylontech’s solutions offer the highest levels of safety in every aspect: temperature, current and voltage. What’s more, these batteries are ultra-versatile and can be installed with nearly all hybrid or off-grid inverters on the market.

Low voltage, high performance 

Our experts hold Pylontech batteries in exceptionally high esteem and recommend several low-voltage solutions for domestic installations.

US2000 V2

This battery is the latest generation of Pylontech’s US2000 series and is a new addition to the company’s portfolio. Featuring a self-designed BMS to protect the cells from any abnormal factors, this battery ensures a lifetime of over 6,000 cycles and offers 95% depth of discharge.

In keeping with Pylontech’s flexible battery design, this product is modular and expandable, giving customers the ultimate choice of capacity. What’s more, the US2000B-Plus V2 comes with a simple buckle fixing for swift and straightforward installation, saving time and costs on-site.








The UP5000 is another new battery from Pylontech. This 48V solution is packed with unique features, giving it a competitive edge in the market.

The Pylontech experts have designed the UP5000 to be more compact for space-saving. The product also offers a higher usable capacity of 4,560Wh so that fewer battery modules are required to achieve the same rating. With a capability to parallel 16 units, up to 72.96kWh of this product can be installed with no LV hub.

This reliable energy storage solution comes with a five-year warranty. However, its ultra-reliable performance and superior low failure rate mean it should last over 10 years.








The UP2500 offers all the features of the UP5000 but at 24V instead of 48V.

This battery is compatible with 24V inverters from KODAK or Victron. When installed correctly, these solar products work together seamlessly for a high-performance energy storage system. A notable benefit of this battery is its expandability: you can install up to 20 units in parallel for a larger project. You can also find several protection functions in-built into this product, such as voltage, overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit and temperature protection.







Explore Pylontech in Kit Builder

Kit Builder is SegenSolar’s latest software to facilitate creating compatible PV systems on the portal.

The solar experts have designed the predefined ‘Kits’ to include only products that are compatible with each other. There are also parameters to ensure alterations to any chosen Kit will not make the system inaccurate or incompatible. As a result, Kit Builder is the fastest way to complete an order — not only because it only takes a few clicks to confirm but also because the products are ready to dispatch sooner if chosen through Kit Builder. All systems designed using the software benefit from a 30-day price fix, while installer customers receive a 3% net discount across their order.

We are excited to offer several off-grid and grid back-up Kits featuring one of the Pylontech products mentioned above.

The US2000B-Plus V2 is paired with the KODAK OGX5.48 for an optimised off-grid solution.

Victron’s EasySolar 24 matches perfectly with the Pylontech UP2500 in a self-consumption Kit, while the UP5000 can be found paired with Solis’ 6kW hybrid inverter.

The portal is brimming with resources, regular industry updates and monthly training webinars for installers. To explore hundreds of solar solutions and benefit from our free Kit Builder tool, sign up or log in to the SegenSolar portal now.