PV mounting solutions for every pitched roof project

Just a few months ago, load shedding was hitting its highest-ever levels — and plenty of installers were anticipating an influx of requests from South Africans wanting the biggest, best PV systems on the market to escape blackouts. Now, the situation has changed.

Planned power outages have yo-yoed between Stage 2 and Stage 5 throughout July, rather than exceeding Stage 8 as was expected before winter. Essentially, no one really knows what is coming next, and even though demand for solar power will remain strong amidst rising concerns over sustainability, it is not easy to know which types of rooftop PV systems will need fitting in the near future.

But do not fret.

By investing in Renusol’s dynamic, adaptable PV mounting solutions, you can ensure you are equipped for the next solar trends and continue catering to customer demands amidst this period of change. So, it is worth finding out more about this world-famous manufacturer and one of its most popular mounting systems for pitched roofs: the VS+ system! 

What is Renusol?

With its origins in Cologne, where the company was formed all the way back in 1997, Renusol is a German company specialising in the manufacture of mounting systems for rooftop PV systems. Over the last two and a half decades, Renusol has delivered its solutions to countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, developing a world-class reputation for excellence and reliability.


Renusol’s international operations are reflected in its active involvement in the worldwide PV landscape, having consistently attended some of today’s most important solar events. For instance, Renusol captured attention at the recent Intersolar exhibition in June, where its team took the opportunity to catch up with customers face to face. In the same month, a number of Renusol employees also participated in the French Renewable Energies World Race — representing the solar industry amongst like-minded green power enthusiasts.

Unsurprisingly, Renusol’s portfolio is as impressive as its company history. The manufacturer offers a comprehensive selection of mounting systems, which include everything you need to complete a variety of PV installations. Each system component is created with the brand’s commitment to its founding principles of ‘Simple, Solid, Service’ in mind, resulting in fuss-free, robust designs that are flexible enough to ensure success every time — no matter the project type.

Why choose the VS+ range?

The VarioSole+ range, more commonly known as the VS+ range, is Renusol’s dedicated pitched roof mounting system. It is an excellent example of the brand’s ability to produce versatile products and an ideal solution in today’s changing market, being suitable for a vast variety of projects.

Included in the VS+ range are the silver middle clamp and end clamp, as well as the universal clamp RS1. All three clamps are suitable for framed modules with a thickness of between 30mm and 50mm. Thus, they are bound to suit an array of installations. These components are also made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, aiding in durability and lasting power, and come pre-assembled, drastically reducing time spent on site.

The VS+ range also features several different-sized mounting rails: the 41 x 35 x 2250 / 3300 / 4400mm rail and the 50 x 37 x 2250 / 3300 / 4400mm rail. As such, you can select the most appropriate model for your pitched roof installation, whether the roof system is big or small.

What’s more, the VS+ range comprises a hanger bolt, which is ideal for roofs with wooden substructures and comes complete with the bolts, nuts and brackets required for installation, as well as diferent roof hooks. Built with galvanised steel or aluminum, hooks can be used on both wooden and tiled pitched roofs — helping you cater to more homeowner requests with fewer products.

With Renusol’s wealth of experience and ambitious ethos behind it, this pitched roof mounting system is an excellent, trusted choice for installers looking to optimise their installations this year and beyond.

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