REVOV Lithium R100 5.1kWh 51.2V 2nd Life Battery

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REVOV Lithium R100 model is a low voltage (51.2V), 5.1kWh lithium battery pack suitable for off-grid, back-up and self-consumption residential energy systems; a unique second-life battery solution with CANBUS.

Product Features:

  • Capable of paralleling up to 16 x units in parallel in a single string 
  • 0.8C battery capable of providing a continuous discharge power of 4.096kW
  • Versatile compatibility with leading inverter brands such as Victron and Sunsynk
  • 100% maximum DOD
  • 10-year warranty/3500 cycles
  • Battery has LCD display showing battery information
  • Installation flexibility – it can be orientated with face to the front, top or side for convenient wall or rack mounting
  • Built in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature
  • Automotive grade 2nd life cells for superior performance under all loads

Compatible Inverter Brands:

Sunsynk 48V Inverters 

Victron 48V Inverters 

Kodak can work with Revov using manual settings, for detailed information on setting up these 2 products please refer to the application note attached on the documents section.

This battery excludes battery communication cables, DC cables and lugs. Please add LINKPORT-RJ45-0.3M for comms between parallel batteries and add  cables and lugs from this link according your system requirement.

For comms between battery and Victron use: VIC-CAN-B-1.8M

For comms between battery and Sunsynk use: SUN-CAN-3M

Please ensure that the battery bank's power and storage capacity is sufficient for the inverter and installation requirements.