KD Solar stainless steel self bonding adjustable end-clamp with 40mm Alancap

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KD Solar stainless steel self-bonding adjustable end-clamp with push-clip. The clamp can be used on panels with thicknesses ranging from 30 – 40mm. The end-clamp is mounted on the panels situated to the edge of the PV array. The purpose is to ensure the modules are secured properly to the main roof anchor.

End-clamp dimensions:

  • Length x Width – 60 x 50mm
  • Weight – 90g

Guidelines on mounting the end-clamps can be found on the document section of each KD Solar roof anchor.

Product certification will be uploaded on the Portal as soon as it's supplied by the manufacturer.

This end clamp can only be used with solar modules with thickness ranging from 30mm to 40mm

Please make use of the SegenSolar System Designer to get accurate product quantities for specific roof solutions.