KD Solar adjustable V-frame brackets for landscape mounting

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KD Solar adjustable V-frame bracket for landscape mounting. This adjustable bracket is mainly used for flat or low-angled roofs – the user-adjustable angles allow a more efficient PV array in terms of harvesting the sun's energy. In addition, the adjustable V-frame bracket can be used with any flat metal roof anchor (for corrugated, cliplock or IBR roofs) whenever an additional elevated angle is required, in such cases the KDS-A-FRM-BOLT is required to fasten the V-frame on the roof anchor.

The recommended distance between each successive V-frame on a PV array is 1400mm, however, the maximum length must not exceed 1600mm.

Adjustable V-frame properties:

  • 13-25 degrees adjustable frame
  • M12x16mm bolt
  • M8x20x3 washer &
  • M8 nyloc nut

Guidelines for deploying this solution are availed on the user manual uploaded on the document section below.

This KD Solar A-Frame is for panels with a width of 1134mm.

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