Epsolar Xtra DS2 30A MPPT Charge Controller – 12/24V with LCD

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XTRA series is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller for off-grid photovoltaic systems. 

An advanced smart algorithm which results in up to a 30% higher efficiency, as compared to a conventional pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller.

Self-adaptive three-stage charging mode based on digital control circuit, which can effectively prolong the lifespan of battery and significantly improve the system performance. 

  • Advanced Display unit XDS2 for easier functionality
  • MPPT tracking efficiency above 99.5%
  • Maximum charge conversion efficiency as high as 97.4%
  • Charging power and current limitation function
  • Rated PV Array Power – 390W for 12V or 780W for 24V battery systems
  • Max. PV Array Power – 580W for 12V or 1170W for 24V battery systems
  • Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage of 100V at minimum operating temperature
  • Battery rated charge and discharge current of 30A
  • Supports both lead-acid and lithium batteries
  • LED Indicators – PV & battery & load working status
  • Buttons – View or set the parameters or clear errors
  • LED display – for viewing PV, battery and load electrical properties
  • Dimensions – 230×165×63mm

Refer to page 6 in the installation manual for recommended PV Array Requirements for XTRA3210 and page 28-31 for all battery parameter settings

Support, monitoring and setting additional parameters can be done via MT50, APP or PC software

Please design system according to the rated power, the max PV array power can be used as a safety guideline for when the PV array exceeds the rated power.