ATESS HPS 100 Hybrid Inverter

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The HPS inverter range is a ALL – in one Hybrid inverter for commercial applications and support up to 2 units in parallel and it would be the  perfect solution for every business out there.Also support third unit as a redundant inverter 

Product Features:

  • 2 units can be paralleled
  • Excellent and seamless transfer between on/off grid
  • Programmable work modes
  • Touchscreen LCD user interface
  • Generator remote control
  • All in one hybrid inverter
  • Build in DC bus pre-charge upon switch on
  • 3rd unit can be added wich one would be redundant inverter if one inverter fails
  • HPS has Frequency shift function 
  • HPS has Zero export function even when DG is connected 

Please note that this inverter are NOT held in stock and they are Buy-to-order