Current Transformer 300A Clamp On Mini Split Core

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The DBP Series: 300/5A DBP58 Clamp on split core current transformer. The connection of conventional CT’s usually require interruption on the primary side of the circuit to pass cables or Busbars through the transformer or to connect such cables to the primary terminals. The DBP series transformers can be easily opened, installed and connected without any supply interruption, thus saving time and the installation costs. This CT is compatible with Solis 5G 3ph range, S5 3ph range inverters and 5G EPM's.


  • Built in hinged sealable terminal cover
  • Side hinge and snap-on clip design for easily opening and installation without any supply interruption
  • Casing self-extinguishing class VO


Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Test voltage: 3kV AC (1min)

Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

Current: 5A

VA class: 0.5