Presenting all-new KODAK!

KODAK: a global name and an iconic brand, steeped in years of innovation and drive for product quality.

SegenSolar is proud to have played a large part in the launch of the newest KODAK Solar Products — items designed to meet the needs of the off-grid market. What’s more, the SegenSolar technical experts have worked hard to create three clear-cut product packages for specific load shedding requirements. Alongside these new product offerings, SegenSolar is now providing new and enhanced services for its loyal customers and installers.

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New high-tech, off-grid PV


The FL5.2 is a high-tech, lithium-ion battery designed for use as part of a dependable load shedding system. Thanks to its modular design, multiple battery units can be scaled in parallel to offer a higher storage capacity up to 20.48kWh. This incredible versatility and flexibility are why this new product comes so highly recommended by the SegenSolar technical experts. The battery has a wide temperature tolerance, a lifetime of more than 6,000 cycles and offers 90% depth of discharge.

For installers, this product is easy to fit thanks to its plug-and-play design, saving you valuable time on site.

OG-MAX 7.2

The OG-MAX 7.2 is the most powerful KODAK Inverter to date. Offering a staggering 7.2kW of smooth power and boosted charging, this inverter boasts dual 4kW MPPTs for ultimate flexibility to suit a variety of sites. This product is capable of supporting all appliances in a home or small business during power outages and, when paired with the FL5.2 and up to 8kW of solar modules, offers an elite storage solution. For any larger projects, this inverter is parallelable up to six units in either single-or three-phase for a total of 43.2kW of power.

An additional fun and unique feature of this product is its RGB light which changes colour to indicate the inverter’s current working mode!

Packaged to perfection

SegenSolar is now offering three product packages comprising exclusively KODAK Solar Products. The experts have designed these packages to meet specific load requirements during power blackouts, suiting homeowners across Southern Africa to a tee.

Entry Level

The Entry Level package is the most basic of the three — but is still incredibly effective. This 5kW solution can fulfil sudden high loads during load shedding, as well as supplying lower power loads for hours at a time. This package is perfect for keeping a handful of appliances running during blackouts, offering smooth and consistent electricity when it is needed most.

High Power

For a more advanced load shedding solution, homeowners or owners of a small business can choose the High Power package. The elite combination of two L1 batteries and the OG-PLUS 5.48 ensures sites receive uninterrupted power for longer to keep essential appliances or delicate loads powered during a grid outage.

MAX Power

Presenting the ultimate load shedding package: the MAX Power solution. Pairing two FL5.2 batteries and the all-new powerhouse 7.2kW inverter creates a leading solar solution to power every appliance at your site. The inverter can keep the batteries topped up during the day and is perfect for anyone unwilling to compromise on their energy freedom. This high-capacity package truly lets you have it all.

KO-mplete new services

SegenSolar has launched a handful of dedicated services to assist solar installers working with KODAK Solar Products. All services are available, for free, when you sign up to the SegenSolar customer portal.

Improved RMA

Customers can now benefit from a 24-hour RMA service on all grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid KODAK Inverters! This process means the approved returned inverter will be tested and diagnosed within 24 hours of SegenSolar receiving the product into the Johannesburg or Cape Town warehouses.

Exclusive KODAK testing process

SegenSolar Assured now applies exclusively to all KODAK Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid-Tied inverters before dispatch, meaning your KODAK Products receive free testing to ensure they operate smoothly before they reach you for installation. Read more to see what’s included in the SegenSolar Assured service.

Upgraded warranty

SegenSolar has launched a standard three-year extension to the warranty on all KODAK Off-Grid Inverters purchased from 23rd November 2020, including the newest OG-MAX 7.2. Customers can buy and install these products with more confidence than ever that they will perform to the highest standards for longer.

Are you a solar installer looking to get started on your KODAK Solar journey with SegenSolar? Sign up to the free customer portal today. Or, if you are a homeowner or business owner keen to install solar, fill out the relevant forms today and the team will put you in touch with a reputable installer local to you.