Perfect pitched roof application with Renusol

Solar power has long been considered the solution to the South African energy crisis, allowing the population to avoid the worst impacts of load shedding.

Not everyone has the room to install ground-mounted solar panels, which makes space-saving rooftop PV systems incredibly valuable for both residential and commercial customers.

Pitched roofs are not only the most common roof type across the country but are also the most popular in many places across the world thanks to their excellent endurance against tough weather conditions.

These roof types are also excellent candidates for PV systems, as their elevated height reduces the risk of shading from nearby buildings and trees — ensuring optimum sun exposure, the highest energy generation and the best cost savings. Plus, pitched roof PV systems are often more affordable than ground-mounted alternatives.

However, all the usual considerations for PV installations apply to rooftop systems — including how to avoid shading from incorrectly spaced solar panels and how to achieve the correct angle of inclination.

Thankfully, Renusol has all the pitched roof PV system mounting solutions you could ever need to ensure a safe, secure installation…

Renusol’s VS+ range

The Renusol VS+ range is one of Renusol’s many outstanding PV mounting systems.

This range comprises all the components installers need to secure PV panels to pitched roofs, including heavy-duty roof clamps, super-strong roof hooks and mounting rails with different size options.

Two types of clamps are offered in the VS+ range: middle clamps and end clamps, which can be used to secure framed solar panel modules with a thickness of between 30 mm and 50 mm.

Both products are made from the highest quality materials, corrosion-resistant steel and aluminium, which provide exceptional durability. Because such durable materials provide a longer life span, customers save money on repairs and re-installation. Plus, the clamps come pre-assembled for easy installation, providing even greater cost savings.

The range also contains a hanger bolt, also made of tough stainless steel and aluminium, and a galvanised steel roof hook, which is suitable for use with wooden roof decking and tiled roofs and set pre-assembled for maximum ease of use.

There are two different mounting rails available in the VS+ range — a smaller rail (W41 x D35) and a larger rail (W50 x D37) in different lengths, allowing you to select the correct size for the roof size and panel orientation.

Renusol has 25 years of experience in the solar mounting industry, which we are sure comes as no surprise given its vast array of mounting products.

Throughout its company history, Renusol has remained committed to its ethos of ‘Simple, Solid, Service’ and is constantly expanding and improving its already impressive portfolio — a sign of a truly innovative manufacturer!

We are proud to supply a selection of Renusol mounting products, including those in the renowned VS+ range. Get yours by signing into the portal or making your free account today.