Perfect commercial storage with the Pylontech Powercube H2

The energy crisis has been incredibly troublesome for homeowners, preventing them from accessing essentials like hot water and air conditioning. But for business owners, the problems are slightly different.

Without power, businesses cannot stay open — meaning they lose a day (or more) of commerce. And, of course, customers are disappointed when they cannot access the services they want, which can cause reputational damage and turn current and prospective customers away.

Ultimately, when the grid goes down, so do business owners’ profits.

Solar energy storage presents the ideal solution to this problem. By keeping surplus power generated during sunlight hours for use during periods of load shedding, PV batteries can provide unlimited, reliable power whenever it is needed.

But the benefits do not end here.

Although we can hope that one day the energy crisis becomes merely a distant memory, electricity prices will always fluctuate, and the sky-rocketing energy bills sweeping across the globe at present are certainly not the first or last of their kind.

Off-grid PV systems allow businesses to rely entirely on the free renewable energy from the sun, so business owners do not need to worry about how to stay afloat if (and when) difficult economic circumstances strike again.

The stakes are quite high for commercial off-grid PV products, given that business owners will rely on these systems for their entire power supply. So, you will want to choose reliable solutions — like the Powercube H2 from Pylontech!

The Pylontech Powercube H2 

With over 20 years of experience delivering pioneering lithium-ion batteries to the global energy storage market, Pylontech is an obvious choice for commercial off-grid PV batteries.

This manufacturer’s expertise shines through its entire portfolio, much of which we are proud to stock on the SegenSolar portal, but its hero product is the Powercube H2: a flexible, scalable high-voltage battery.

The Powercube H2 comes with a number of benefits to installers working on commercial systems; a modular design concept for ease of expansion, impressive parallel capabilities and the ability to be used in both rack-mounted and container-based systems.

If that was not enough choice, this battery can also be configured with up to 12 modules in a system, resulting in a staggering total power output of up to 864 V, and comes with a wide voltage range of 240 VDC to 864 VDC.

All of this is achieved without compromising safety, thanks to the product’s enhanced features. The BMS comes complete with charge, current and temperature protection to reduce the risk of fire and system damage.

LiFePO4 technology is also built into the application, bringing a host of advantages, including an improved safety value and better discharge and charge efficiency, not to mention the lighter weight and maintenance-free design.

These features ensure a durable, long-lasting product that is more sustainable and cost-effective than less innovative products — the perfect choice for a commercial off-grid PV system built to stand the test of time.

You can find the Pylontech H2 alongside the rest of Pylontech’s PV products on the SegenSolar portal — sign in or make an account for free today!