A partnership between AFSIA and SegenSolar

Collaboration is at the heart of change as companies work together to tackle some of the world’s most prominent issues.

SegenSolar and the African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) are delighted to announce their brand-new partnership in which they will work towards improving training and driving more refined knowledge within the solar industry. SegenSolar is excited to be expanding its footprint further beyond the familiar borders of South Africa in a push to get every corner of the continent sufficiently supplied with power.

Who is AFSIA? 

AFSIA endeavours to expand the use of solar power across Africa, carrying out solar-related programmes and activities to do so. With a continent-wide reach from Egypt to South Africa, AFSIA is keen to promote the use of solar power in every form for every African country. From industrial power plants to small, off-grid home installations, every solar panel counts towards re-energising Africa — sustainably.

What does AFSIA do? 

On the day-to-day, AFSIA organises networking opportunities for solar professionals and ensures they have access to the right channels to expand their business. As such, this small-scale work will drive large-scale changes as the solar industry strengthens and evolves as a whole. AFSIA also conducts continuous market intelligence work to provide the most accurate information about the African solar industry as well as identify key industry trends and developments. The team at AFSIA provides educational content to prospective solar users and aspiring solar professionals looking to develop a better understanding of the benefits of solar energy.

What will this partnership look like? 

SegenSolar has now joined the variety of well-respected solar companies as a member of the AFSIA community. Solar manufacturer members include LONGi, Jinko Solar, Huawei and JA Solar — all of whose exceptional products are available at SegenSolar.

“AFSIA is delighted to welcome SegenSolar within its growing community of members. SegenSolar’s development outside of South Africa and across the SADC region is a great illustration of the growth and diversification of the solar market in Africa. Thanks to continuous technological developments and drastic price decreases, more people than ever across the continent can now embrace solar energy. AFSIA looks forward to accompanying SegenSolar in this expansion and helping more individuals, businesses and government in Africa benefit from the great advantages of solar energy.”

– John van Zuylen, CEO of AFSIA

Each member supports AFSIA’s initiative and works with the company uniquely to encourage solar opportunities in Africa. One of SegenSolar’s primary involvements with AFSIA will be focussing on webinars.


During the period of global lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak, webinars have become an essential part of keeping the solar installer community updated with the latest technical product information. SegenSolar has been hosting regular free webinars for its installer customers over the past five weeks or so, and the sessions have been incredibly successful with upwards of 100 installers attending each one. This kind of training and having a proactive approach to overcoming adversity allows companies like SegenSolar to tap into new power solutions for Southern Africa.

AFSIA’s partnership with SegenSolar will strive to educate further and support a wider solar community and offer training with crucial certification — from basic to advanced — to as many installers as possible.

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