Painting with the SAME Foundation for Mandela Day

by | Jul 28, 2023 | CSI

The SA Medical and Education (SAME) Foundation is a local non-governmental organisation committed to ensuring poverty-stricken communities have access to adequate healthcare and educational facilities.

On the 14th of July, the SAME Foundation held its Mandela Day initiative, in which like-minded organisations were invited to help restore a school in the name of the inspirational leader ahead of his annual day of celebration.

An astonishing 180 individuals from different companies and corporations came together to offer their time and efforts toward the SAME Foundation’s event, including 10 enthusiastic SegenSolar employees — all eager to honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy and make a positive impact on local communities in need.

Refreshing Kelokitso Secondary School

The chosen site for the SAME Foundation Mandela Day painting initiative was Kelokitso Secondary School, which is located in Meadowlands, Soweto, and is responsible for the teaching of more than 100 young people.

Like many other educational facilities in underprivileged areas, the school faced infrastructural challenges and a lacklustre interior appearance that hindered the learning experience of its students. Thus, recognising the power that a fresh coat of paint can have on the school’s overall atmosphere, our volunteers were tasked with turning old, dull classrooms into vibrant, inspiring spaces that were conducive to learning.

As the SegenSolar employees arrived at Kelokitso Secondary School, they were warmly welcomed by the SAME Foundation and the school’s governing body. The spirit of collaboration and unity was palpable as everyone came together for a common cause — equipped with paintbrushes, rollers, and buckets of paint.

After splitting into groups to tackle their task most efficiently, the team leveraged the collective spirit of volunteerism and embarked on this noble endeavour to bring the school back to life. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, the volunteers helped transform the classrooms into inviting spaces that will surely enhance the learning experience of all that use them.

Uplifting a community

Each and every volunteer who participated in the SAME Foundation’s event helped make a huge difference to Kelokitso Secondary School and those connected to it.

Beyond assisting with the physical transformation of the building, which now more accurately reflects the joyful activities that go on inside its classrooms, our volunteers also made an invaluable impact on the school’s community — sparking motivation within the hearts of all.

The involvement of SegenSolar employees in the painting initiative was a remarkable display of our continued commitment to community development and belief in the admirable principles of Nelson Mandela, who encouraged everyone, everywhere to take action against injustice and inspire positive change. 

We trust that our team’s involvement in such an important event will serve as a shining example of the power of collective action and prompt individuals to get involved with similar initiatives in the near futurecreating a better world for all.