Our partnership with Pylontech  

At SegenSolar, we are extremely proud to boast stock from some of the most well-known and respected manufacturers in the world of PV — making it easy for our customers to find tried and true solutions all in one place. 

Still, not everyone knows which brands are the best — or wants to build a system around products they know are popular, not why.   

So, to ensure every installer can confidently select the best possible products for their projects, it is our pleasure to provide in-depth information about all the most popular manufacturers and suppliers we stock on the portal! 

Today, we will be discussing Pylontech, a famed provider of exceptional PV batteries — telling you all about its commendable company history and impressive portfolio… 

Excelling since 2009 

Pylontech was founded nearly 15 years ago with the intention of creating high-quality battery energy storage systems (BESS).  

Within its first few years of inception, the brand had deployed numerous solutions around Europe and Australia — and became a prominent worldwide manufacturer in 2018. Fast-forward to the 2020s and Pylontech had begun to receive praise from all kinds of world-leading organisations.  

For example, EUPD Research, an international research company that provides insights and testimonials on global energy markets, named Pylontech the ‘Top PV Storage Brand’ for three consecutive years in 2020, 2021 and 2022. This award, which was granted as a result of extensive satisfaction surveys, solidified Pylontech’s expertise — and helped prove its trustworthiness to installers. 

Pylontech’s winning streak continues into 2023, with the brand being named the ‘No. 1 Residential Energy Storage System Provider’ in the most recent S&P Global Commodity Insights ‘Residential Energy Storage Index’, a widely respected annual market research report. 

All this success comes as no surprise when we look at Pylontech’s innovative ethos. The brand has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, having led the way for green manufacturing processes and responsible supply chains. Plus, it invests heavily in research and development (R&D) — putting as much as a third of the company’s annual revenue (according to President Tan Wen) into new technologies — and this has certainly paid off! 

 Pylontech has just obtained the world’s first certificate for sodium-ion batteries. Issued by TÜV Rhineland, a leading inspecting and testing body, this seal of approval gives Pylontech the ‘go ahead’ to continue advancing in this valuable sector of solar energy storage — and produce the next generation of PV products. 

‘How does this all impact Pylontech’s current portfolio?’, you might ask. Let us explain… 

Producing market-leading products 

 Pylontech’s award wins and out-of-the-box thinking have lent themselves to a competitive product offering that is one step ahead of its competitors — and always completely trustworthy.  

Take its US batteries — the US2000C and US3000C — as an example. These products, which are ideal for residential PV systems, come with their own lithium-ion phosphate cells for the highest possible safety value and longest life cycle. They also boast an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that protects battery cells from damage and can be registered for a generous warranty of up to 10 years.  

And then there are the UP batteries: the UP2500 and UP5000. As lithium-ion (Li-ion) products that are suitable for self-consumption and backup applications, these products offer a long list of attractive features. For instance, the UP2500 comes with a high parallel capability of 20 units, allowing installers to build a more extensive system when required, and a long 15-year design life. Equally, the UP5000 gains efficiency from its high usable capacity of 4560Wh and 95% depth of discharge (DoD). 

For commercial systems, Pylontech offers the Powercube H2. With its modular and scalable design, this Li-ion battery boasts a flexible BMS voltage range from 240VDV to 576VDC and can support up to 12 modules in a rack (and six racks in a parallel). So, it is extremely versatile. For this product, Pylontech goes one step further — offering the ventilated PowerTower™ and door kits, both of which feature a heavy-duty construction and sleek design for a premium storage solution. 

As you can see, Pylontech has packed its portfolio full of the best technologies the PV industry has to offer. Backed up by its track record of success, this manufacturer is the perfect choice for homes and businesses looking to transition to solar power.  

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