Optimise your residential PV installations 

At this point, with load shedding highly unpredictable, utility bills elevated and sustainability growing more important all the time, solar power is one of South Africa’s only hopes amidst the current energy supply crisis — and plenty of homeowners are interested in implementing their own PV systems. 

 However, even though residential solar might seem second nature to many installers, being so popular, these projects are not as easy as they might seem.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for residential PV products, as homes come in all different shapes and sizes, with unique energy supply requirements and different budgets. Whilst one homeowner might want a basic, entry-level system, another could require an extensive, top-of-the-range set-up — and it is likely that both customers will want to cut costs where possible. 

Fortunately, SegenSolar has a solution allowing installers to offer the most appropriate PV systems whatever their customers need: Kit Builder. 

This tool makes an invaluable addition to your residential PV system planning process and ensures a superior final product, helping you get the best deal on expert-recommended product pairings featuring top brands like Pylontech and Victron Energy. 

Reaping the benefits of Kit Builder 

As the name suggests, Kit Builder allows installers to ‘build’ a complete PV system kit with all necessary components, such as solar panels, an inverter and batteries, in just a few clicks. 

These kits are pre-compiled by the SegenSolar team, who have only included compatible products in the drop-down menu where you make your pairing selection. You can amend the kits to select products for different system requirements, but you cannot make pairing errors, which saves you time, energy and money on mistakes — and keeps customers happy. Plus, Kit Builder orders are dispatched faster than those made independently, allowing you to service homeowners more quickly. 

What’s more, any kit designed with the Kit Builder tool benefits from an automatic 2% discount on the net total of the order, and the price you are quoted post-design is fixed for 30 days. Therefore, Kit Builder is an excellent way to lower the cost of top solar products and offer customers exceptional pairings for less. 

We separate each Kit Builder kit type into different categories based on the kind of PV system required, including self-consumption and backup, to offer you the simplest order process. And it is in these kits that you will find various products from two of today’s best manufacturers for home PV systems…  

Pairing Pylontech and Victron Energy  

Known for its solar battery expertise, Pylontech is the first name to come to mind when many think of which modules to include in their residential installations. Equally, Victron Energy is synonymous with world-class inverters, being lots of installers’ top choice when it comes to satisfying homeowners’ solar energy supply needs. 

There are several self-consumption and backup kits that include Pylontech and Victron Energy to choose from, all of which feature Pylontech’s ‘US’ batteries (the US2000C and US3000C) as pairing options. These 2.4kW and 3.5kW lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) models are efficient and long-lasting, with 95% depth of discharges (DoDs) and generous warranties of up to 10 years resulting in a cost-effective product. 

As for what sets these batteries apart from other similar models, both the US2000C and US3000C come with enhanced protection against common faults, including abnormal temperatures, currents, voltages, state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH). Thus, system damage is kept at bay and products require less regular maintenance and replacements. 

Furthermore, these battery models can parallel up to 16 units and are suitable for both rack and wall-mounted installations, which is crucial when personalising systems to suit varying homeowner needs. 

There are also two Victron Energy pairing options in the self-consumption and backup kits: the MultiPlus and Quattro inverters. Both products combine inverter and charger capabilities in one elegant package, with helpful features like hybrid power assist technology and a reaction time of less than 20 milliseconds that ensures round-the-clock power.  

So, the next time you need to stock up on residential PV products, make sure you choose Pylontech and Victron Energy in Kit Builder. It is the best way to service homeowners! 

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