One to watch for 2023: FoxESS! 

In the world of solar, things are constantly changing. Demand for reliable, renewable energy solutions is always on the rise, with the environmental and economic concerns surrounding traditional sources of electricity worsening all the time. And as times get tough, PV products get tougher. 

It is our duty as your ‘one-stop shop’ for solar products to keep our portfolio up to date as these new, innovative solutions emerge, so you can provide your customers with the best systems on the market. And that is precisely what we have done! 

 FoxESS is one of our key brands for 2023, having added a series of its latest product releases to expand and improve our portfolio in recent years — including a cutting-edge ‘all-in-one’ solution, which is not to be missed.  

So, to give you an insight into this manufacturer and ensure you can reap the benefits of its innovative batteries and inverters, we are running you through FoxESS’ story so far, as well as its impressive product line. 

A commendable company history 

FoxESS began in September 2019, with its first products hitting the market in 2020 and its headquarters opening in Wenzhou, China in 2021. 

Having started operations with aims to break new ground in the global solar product landscape, FoxESS has worked tirelessly to meet and exceed this goal — opening a research and development (R&D) centre in Wuxi, China. 

This centre, which is equipped with world-class testing and manufacturing facilities, is run by world-leading experts set on developing the most advanced PV technologies — and ensuring FoxESS sits firmly at the forefront of today’s leading developments. 

Which leads us to FOXESS’ products… 

Batteries and inverters 

FOXESS has released a selection of impressive products since its inception, many of which we proudly stock on the SegenSolar portal. 

Firstly, we offer the KH10 inverter — a stylish, single-phase model with a 10kW capacity. The KH10 gains quiet operation from its natural cooling feature and boasts a quad MPPT design for optimal energy production. Type-II and AC DC surge protection offer enhanced safety and remote monitoring is available via Wi-Fi or the LAN monitoring stick 

 The KH10, which we also stock, was designed for use alongside the EC2800 batteries — high-performance, high-voltage models perfect for residential PV systems. Each battery benefits from a modular design, providing crucial flexibility, and can be scaled to suit various energy requirements.  

Both the KH10 and EC2800 are incredibly easy to install, suitable for use outdoors and come with a 10-year warranty — giving rise to the ’10-cubed’ pairing. 

Think that is impressive? Wait until you read about FoxESS’ latest hybrid inverter…  

An all-in-one solution! 

The FoxESS All-in-One (AIO) is a single-phase, floor-mounted inverter-charger with a long list of out-of-the-box features. 

Not only is the AIO suitable for AC-coupled and hybrid variants, but it also comes with up to 10.4kWh of storage capacity. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to a ‘plug and play’ design, and so is maintenance, with remote monitoring available online or through the smartphone app.  

Flexibility is provided by the IP65-rated enclosure, which permits safe use in outdoor locations, and a CT clamp is provided to ensure the total load does not exceed the maximum amount. As for performance, the AIO blows other inverters out of the water — offering a high round-trip efficiency of up to 97% with the FE-HV2600-V2 battery 

And that is not all, either! There is plenty more to learn about the AIO, which attendees of the recent SegenSolar training sessions will know… 

FoxESS showcased the AIO at February’s Johannesburg and Cape Town events, telling customers all about its key benefits and uses — and offering them the chance to ask the experts any questions. What a way to get to know one of our top brands for this year! 

Keep an eye on our upcoming training sessions and browse our entire FoxESS portfolio today by signing in or making a free account on the portal.