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  • Commercial sector sees PV as a low-risk investment that yields significant rewards 28th June 2018
    The property sector is taking advantage of the benefits of Solar PV With increasing electricity concerns, efficiency is essential for South African businesses to remain profitable More and more property owners see the obvious benefits of installing solar PV, such as the South African Corporate Real Estate that plans to invest around than R30-million in […]
  • BYD offers wide range of configurations for on-grid and off-grid applications! 25th June 2018
    Extensive compatibility options available with BYD lithium ion batteries Top-tier inverter brands covered in latest configuration list BYD, winner of the “Top Brand PV Seal 2018” for energy storage, offers installers its widest range of configurations for on-grid and off-grid solar PV storage applications. The latest compatibility list includes single-phase and 3-phase on-grid and off-grid […]
  • New-look REIPPPP Bid Window to boost local economy 20th June 2018
    R40 to R50 billion investment for South Africa New round of projects will enhance local manufacturing to ensure economic growth The previous Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) secured investments of $10.8 billion into the renewables sector. Added to this, the recent signing of the IPP agreements secured a further R56 billion into […]
  • DoE, together with NERSA, to repeal and amend the Exemption Notice 13th June 2018
    Registering projects with NERSA - what has changed? Renaming the notice, and who should register with the regulator The proposed SSEG rules related to licensing and registration of projects were published for public comment by the National Energy Regulator (NERSA) on its website on 26 April. On 21 May, the draft rules were withdrawn until […]
  • MLT now compatible with Pylontech for off-grid applications! 11th June 2018
    Updated Pylontech compatibility now includes Oasis and Nomad in off-grid mode MLT-Pylon packages now available with our SegenSolar Assured service Following a period of extensive and detailed testing, SegenSolar is proud to announce that MLT has now been added to the latest Pylontech compatibility list. This update permits the use of our popular Pylontech US2000B […]
  • South Africa to get its first solar-powered desalination plant 4th June 2018
    Desalination – another first for solar power in SA Innovative design uses adaptability of solar PV to solve water crisis South Africa is set to commission its first solar-powered desalination plant at the end of October 2018 in the Western Cape. The plant will be located in Witsand on the coast midway between Cape Town […]
  • Solar energy provides economic growth 30th May 2018
    National Development Plan Stipulates The Procurement Of At Least 20 000MW Of Renewable Electricity By 2030 REIPPPP has already created around 35 000 jobs Policy implementation is tripping up the Solar PV growth that all South Africans can gain from, from investors to entrepreneurs and businesses, big and small. Eskom’s original refusal to sign the recently […]
  • ‘Reserving battery capacity’ - A New Feature For Goodwe Hybrid Inverters! 28th May 2018
    Goodwe improvements make it an even better choice for hybrid storage systems New ‘SOC Protect’ function allows you to reserve power to suit your needs Goodwe has released an updated version of its user app which now provides the option of reserving battery capacity to a specified level. The new function is called “SOC Protect”, […]
  • SegenSolar is Expanding into Africa! 23rd May 2018
    Launching our products and services into Namibia! Meet our team and international suppliers in Windhoek on World Environment Day Africa has seen the potential of Solar Energy for Progress! With the economic growth our continent has seen recently, the desperate need for affordable, decentralised energy has increased tremendously. Fossil fuel has for the most part […]
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