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  • DC Optimization of your Commercial Plant 30th October 2018
    The concept of ‘Selective Deployment’ allows just the required portion of a system to be optimised. Tigo optimisers are particularly useful when ‘Selective Deployment’ might be necessary. Selective Deployment might apply where only one segment of the roof has different orientations or partial shading. A commercial scale system with only modules on a small number […]
  • JA Solar Modules – 2018’s Top Performer for Reliability 24th October 2018
    PV Module Reliability Scorecard awards JA Solar for 3rd year JA Solar has been awarded the "2018 Top Performer" by DNV GL, the world-renowned independent energy expert and certification institute. This is the third time that JA Solar has received the award. DNV GL's annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report covers the testing and analysis […]
  • Export Limitation for your Commercial Project 22nd October 2018
    Why and when do we need export limitation? If the demand on site is high, the inverters can be allowed to work to their full potential, maximising the benefit to the site. Export limitation (or power management) is controlling the amount of power from a PV installation that is exported to the grid. It is […]
  • Electrical Meters for Solar PV Projects 17th October 2018
    Ensure you have the correct meter for your site One of the areas often overlooked when doing a site inspection for Grid-Tied installations is the type of electrical meter and its compatibility with Solar PV Installations. It is essential to ensure that the meter used for a grid-tied PV installation is suitable and compatible with […]
  • Big companies choose trusted brands 15th October 2018
    Canadian Solar | Silicon Module Super League member (SMSLM) A joint venture of Canadian Solar and ET Energy is to build 2 solar farms totalling 132MW in South Africa SegenSolar is proud to report that Canadian Solar, one of our tier 1 module suppliers, has established a joint venture with Chinese firm ET Energy to […]
  • Huawei Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Reduces Project Risk 10th October 2018
    Reduce the technical risk of your PV investment Fault identification through Huawei’s certified Smart I-V Curve diagnostic tools offers a low cost, highly efficient method to identify faulty PV modules in projects The highest technical risk involved in PV investment is early-life failure & long-term failure of PV panels. In fact, a TUV investigation showed […]
  • Peace of mind when selecting your balance of plant 8th October 2018
    DC Protection and Combiner boxes Making the PV industry safer for installers and end users Not only is the composition of your electrical balance of plant regulated by law, this is probably the most complex part of an installer’s project and if done incorrectly, more often the most dangerous. As part of our constant commitment […]
  • Li-ion batteries for Africa 1st October 2018
    Li-ion batteries have been commercialised elsewhere in the world. Why not in Africa yet? Large Li-ion battery packs in home and grid-power applications are rapidly becoming more popular in many parts of the world, including Africa Most of the companies manufacturing Lithium Ion batteries are situated in the USA, Poland, South Korea, Japan and China. […]
  • Draft IRP 2018 finally released 5th September 2018
    SA’s Integrated Resources Plan available for public comment Large allocation to utility-scale renewables and embedded generation The long-overdue revised Integrated Resource Plan (IRP2018) has now been published and is available for comment. In addition to providing direction to utility-scale projects, the IRP now also includes an allocation for embedded generation for projects between 1MW and […]
  • The global battle against climate change 27th August 2018
    Cut CO2 - Save the Climate South Africa can make a difference While Africa’s contribution to global warming is not nearly as large as developed nations, the sad reality is that our region is suffering from its effects. The results of climate change are being felt across the globe with rising sea levels, tropical storms […]
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