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  • Draft IRP 2018 finally released 5th September 2018
    SA’s Integrated Resources Plan available for public comment Large allocation to utility-scale renewables and embedded generation The long-overdue revised Integrated Resource Plan (IRP2018) has now been published and is available for comment. In addition to providing direction to utility-scale projects, the IRP now also includes an allocation for embedded generation for projects between 1MW and […]
  • The global battle against climate change 27th August 2018
    Cut CO2 - Save the Climate South Africa can make a difference While Africa’s contribution to global warming is not nearly as large as developed nations, the sad reality is that our region is suffering from its effects. The results of climate change are being felt across the globe with rising sea levels, tropical storms […]
  • Access to reliable electricity in Africa 9th August 2018
    In Sub-Saharan Africa, only 2 in every 5 people have access to a reliable source of electricity GDP is growing by over 4.5% annually, while generation capacity only grows at a rate of 1.2% Many people do not fully realise the size of Africa. Made up of 54 countries, it’s the same size as China, […]
  • Municipalities pushing ahead with plans for more renewable energy 1st August 2018
    Local government working hard to meet renewable energy target Loss in annual revenue forcing rethink to approach Some municipalities are pushing ahead with plans for more renewable energy. The City of Cape Town in particular is working hard to meet its target for renewable energy to make up 20% of total energy used in the […]
  • New Cape Town Solar Regulations 31st July 2018
    Grid-tied and Off-Grid systems must be registered Avoid grid disconnection - ensure your customer is registered before February 2019 By law, all small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) systems must be authorised by the City of Cape Town. The purpose of registering is: To protect the household from electrical fires and electrical shock To minimise risk to […]
  • Solar Capacity in South Africa 23rd July 2018
    With just over 1 450 MW of current solar capacity, opportunities are abundant SA’s National Development Plan calls for the procurement of at least 9 600 MW of solar power by 2030 Of the total target of 20 000 MW of renewable energy to be generated by 2030, 5 000 MW of Solar PV will be operational […]
  • Commercial sector sees PV as a low-risk investment that yields significant rewards 28th June 2018
    The property sector is taking advantage of the benefits of Solar PV With increasing electricity concerns, efficiency is essential for South African businesses to remain profitable More and more property owners see the obvious benefits of installing solar PV, such as the South African Corporate Real Estate that plans to invest around than R30-million in […]
  • DoE, together with NERSA, to repeal and amend the Exemption Notice 13th June 2018
    Registering projects with NERSA - what has changed? Renaming the notice, and who should register with the regulator The proposed SSEG rules related to licensing and registration of projects were published for public comment by the National Energy Regulator (NERSA) on its website on 26 April. On 21 May, the draft rules were withdrawn until […]
  • Solar energy provides economic growth 30th May 2018
    National Development Plan Stipulates The Procurement Of At Least 20 000MW Of Renewable Electricity By 2030 REIPPPP has already created around 35 000 jobs Policy implementation is tripping up the Solar PV growth that all South Africans can gain from, from investors to entrepreneurs and businesses, big and small. Eskom’s original refusal to sign the recently […]
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