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  • DC Optimization of your Commercial Plant 30th Oct 2018
    The concept of ‘Selective Deployment’ allows just the required portion of a system to be optimised. Tigo optimisers are particularly useful when ‘Selective Deployment’ might be necessary. Selective Deployment might apply where only one segment of the roof has different orientations or partial shading. A commercial scale system with only modules on a small number […]
  • JA Solar Modules – 2018’s Top Performer for Reliability 24th Oct 2018
    PV Module Reliability Scorecard awards JA Solar for 3rd year JA Solar has been awarded the "2018 Top Performer" by DNV GL, the world-renowned independent energy expert and certification institute. This is the third time that JA Solar has received the award. DNV GL's annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report covers the testing and analysis […]
  • Export Limitation for your Commercial Project 22nd Oct 2018
    Why and when do we need export limitation? If the demand on site is high, the inverters can be allowed to work to their full potential, maximising the benefit to the site. Export limitation (or power management) is controlling the amount of power from a PV installation that is exported to the grid. It is […]
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