In 2006, SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that has changed the way power is harvested and managed in PV systems. SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar PV installations. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter system maximizes power generation at the PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system. The SolarEdge solution consists of inverters, power optimizers, and a cloud-based monitoring platform. The technology provides superior power harvesting and module management by connecting power optimizers at the module level. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter maximizes power generation at the individual PV module-level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the PV system. Addressing a broad range of solar market segments, from residential to commercial and largescale solar, the SolarEdge DC optimised inverter solution includes PV inverters, power optimizers, and cloud-based monitoring. By connecting power optimizers to each module, the system enables superior power harvesting and module management. System costs remain competitive by centralizing the DC-AC inversion and grid interaction at a simplified PV inverter. Enhanced PV asset management including reduced O&M costs are enabled through module-level monitoring and remote troubleshooting. Another benefit is the automatic DC shutdown, for installer, maintenance personnel, and firefighter safety, through the SafeDC™ mechanism SegenSolar’s SolarEdge portfolio includes PV inverters, power optimisers and SolarEdge’s free for life cloud based monitoring platform. You can find out more about SolarEdge on the manufacturer website here or refer to the documents tab on the specific product page on the SegenSolar portal.

Product codeCategoriesName
SE-ACT-0750-50Current Sensor Clamp, Display, SolarEdge50A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meters with Modbus Connection
SEHAZB-SCKT-MTR-FRAccessory, Smart Plug, SolarEdgePlug-in Socket with Meter, FR and B
SEHAZB-SWITCH-MTRAccessory, Smart Plug, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Smart Energy Switch
SE-RS485-SPD2-K1-1Network Protection, Protection, SolarEdgeSolarEdge RS-485 Surge Protection Device Plug-in
SE-SIM-R12-EU-S1Data Package, Display, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 12 Years Pre Paid Data Plan – Domestic
SE-WND-3Y400-MB-K2Display, Energy Meter, SolarEdge1PH/3PH 230/400V SolarEdge Energy Meter K2 with Modbus Connection
SE-RS485-SPD2-B-K1-1Network Protection, Protection, SolarEdgeRS485 Surge Protection Kit for 3 Phase inverters with SetApp
SEHAZB-SCKT-MTR-DEAccessory, Smart Plug, SolarEdgePlug-in Socket with Meter, DE and NL
SE1000-SEN-IRR-S1Environmental Sensors, SolarEdge, Weather SensorIrradiance sensor 0-1.4V
SE-ACT-0750-1000Current Sensor Clamp, Display, SolarEdge1000A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meters with Modbus Connection
SE1000-SEN-PSU-S1Environmental Sensors, SolarEdge, Weather SensorTemperature sensor PSU 24V/1A
SE-ACT-0750-250Current Sensor Clamp, Display, SolarEdge250A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meters with Modbus Connection
SE1000-SEN-TAMBEnvironmental Sensors, SolarEdge, Weather SensorSolarEdge Environmental Sensor – Ambient Temperature 0-10V
SE1000-SEN-TMOD-S2Environmental Sensors, SolarEdge, Weather SensorModule temperature sensor 4-20mA inc PSU
SE1000-SEN-WIND-S1Environmental Sensors, SolarEdge, Weather SensorWind velocity sensor 4-20mA
SE-1000-WIFI01Display, SolarEdge, Web InterfaceSolarEdge Wifi Plug-in
SE-1000-ZB05-SLVDisplay, SolarEdge, Web InterfaceSolarEdge Zigbee Plug-in
SE1000-ZB06-MODAccessory, Smart Plug, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Zigbee Module for Home Energy Management (for older units with display)
SE-15000Main Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 15,000W Three Phase Inverter
SE-16000Main Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 16,000W Three Phase Inverter
SE17K-EMPDemonstration, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Demo 3PH Inverter
SE-27600Main Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 27,600W Three Phase Inverter N2 Basic
SE-3000HMain Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 3000W Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology
SE-3PH-GSM-K2Display, SolarEdge, Three Phase Remote GSM MonitoringGSM Upgrade kit for NON App 3PH Inverters
SE-4000-E-3PHMain Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdge4000W Three Phase Inverter
SE-5000-RWSHybrid Inverter, SolarEdge, Storage SystemsSolarEdge 5kW 1ph Inverter Battery Backup
SE1000-S0IF01Display, Meter Unit, SolarEdgeS0 meter adapter cable
SE-9000-E-3PHMain Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdge9000W Three Phase Inverter
SE1000-CCG-G-S1Display, Plant Controller, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Commercial Gateway
SE-10000Main Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge 10,000W 3ph Inverter
SE-10000-E-3PHMain Unit, PV Inverter, SolarEdge10kW Three Phase Inverter
SE1000-CCG-FDisplay, Firefighter Controller, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Firefighter Gateway
SE1000-CCG-GDisplay, Plant Controller, SolarEdgeSolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway (HUB)
SE1000-RS485-IF01Communication, Display, SolarEdgeSolarEdge RS485 Plug-in
P800S-2.1-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P800S Optimiser 800W MC4 2x High Power 2.1m
P300-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P300 Optimiser 300W MC4 60 Cell
P370-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P370 Optimiser High-powered 60/72 cells – 1.2M
P404-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P404 Optimiser MC4 60 / 72 Cell
P405-DUAL-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P405 Optimiser Dual Input MC4 60/72/96 Cell
P500-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P500 Optimiser 500W MC4 96 Cell
P600-1.2-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P600 Optimiser 600W MC4 2x60Cell 1.2m
P600-1.8-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P600 Optimiser 600W MC4 2×60 Cell 1.8m
P700-1.2-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P700 Optimiser 700W MC4 2×72 Cell 1.2m
P700-2.1-MC4Optimiser, PV Inverter, SolarEdgeSolarEdge P700 Optimiser 700W MC4 2×72 Cell 2.1m