MLT Oasis Charger Inverter 4kW

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  The Oasis inverter range offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to the home or farm owner faced with unreliable or no grid electricity supply.   The inverter operates at low-voltage DC and is transformer-based, which translates to a robust and safe product that guarantees trusted power in the harshest environments.   – The Oasis inverter is ideal for off-grid installations where the renewable source of power is fed directly into the batteries.  – The Oasis converts the battery power into clean AC power that the load can use.  – The built-in battery charging function allows the use of a backup generator or the grid without the need for external    battery chargers. – Full Colour Touch Screen 4.3 inch Liquid Crystal Display Recording of the last 24h source power, load power and battery state of charge Event logs. – Designed for harsh environments. – 1-phase transformer-based. – Low-voltage DC 36V / 48V.