Alpha ESS

Alpha Ess | SMILE5+10.1P

German-founded Alpha ESS was established in 2012. The company specialises in a range of photovoltaic (PV) solutions: from advanced battery storage to intelligent energy management solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Alpha ESS has years of experience in the renewable sector and is dedicated to helping families and businesses reduce electricity bills with clean, sustainable power. The company is proud and extremely ambitious to promote energy independence through self-sufficient power generation, storage and optimisation.

The products have been used in more than 50 countries worldwide and have benefitted thousands of customers across the globe. It is clear that household PV energy storage systems are revolutionising the industry as a new kind of power solution.

What’s more, the products are compatible with both new installations and AC- or DC-coupled retrofits. SegenSolar is delighted to stock the residential 5kW SMILE System with the 10.1KWh storage from Alpha ESS — an all-in-one solution guaranteed to transform how homeowners use and produce electricity in Southern Africa.

Thanks to its German design, the SMILE5 offers superb performance and a long lifespan with multiple operation modes available for ultra-flexible application. Additionally, the batteries are made of lithium-ion phosphate: the safest of all lithium battery types. The product is designed with PV self-consumption in mind yet also features back-up power, load shifting and off-grid solutions for all household systems.

Product codeCategoriesName
ALPH-ADL3000Alpha ESS, Display, Energy MeterAcrel ADL3000 Direct Connected Power Meter 1PH/3PH ( Alpha ) 80A per Phase
ALPH-SM60AAlpha ESS, Display, Energy MeterAcrel SM60A Direct Connected Power Meter 1PH ( Alpha ) 60A
ALPH-SMILE5-INVAlpha ESS, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsAlpha ESS 5000W Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
ALPH-SMILE-BAT-10.1PAlpha ESS, Li-ion Battery Pack, Storage SystemsParallel Connection Expansion Battery 10.1kWh for SMILE5