New in commercial: Solis S5 inverters

Introducing Solis’ all-new commercial product range: the S5 inverters.

These commercial solutions are a welcome addition to the Solis commercial inverter range. Featuring products from 25kW to 60kW, these inverters come with several new and enhanced features to take large-scale solar installations to the next level.

Enhancing our offering

Solis’ S5 inverters offer exceptional efficiencies of up to 98.7% and between 3 and 6 MPPTs to support a multiple orientation system design. Each inverter also comes with an IP66 rating and C5 anti-corrosion technology, plus globally recognised branded componentry for a longer life.

Solis has increased the input current of these inverters of 16A per string, as well as an increased short circuit current of 25A per string. The entire S5 range comes with City of Cape Town approval and features a five-year warranty as standard, with an optional 10-year upgrade.

On the SegenSolar portal, we have a selection of high-quality, commercial-scale solar products, and the S5 range comes as part of our all-encompassing commercial offering. You can find all the parts and products you need for a complete commercial installation on the portal.

Calling for commercial solar

While residential solar installations are on the rise in South Africa, there are dozens of benefits to implementing large-scale solar on commercial buildings, too.

The demand for commercial-scale storage solutions is driven by the need to power businesses during periods of load shedding or where no grid power is available. This is amplified by an ageing infrastructure that is prone to intermittent supply or outright failure.

South Africa contributes 40% of Africa’s total CO2 emissions. As the world adopts a new stance on energy consumption to curb the effects of climate change, businesses need to address the way they use electricity.

There is a strong economic case for renewable energy in South Africa. Electricity tariffs have reached an all-time high. In fact, solar and wind power is currently 200% cheaper than energy from fossil fuels.

SegenSolar supports Solis

Solis was established in 2005 and has one of the world’s highest installed capacities of solar PV products. What’s more, Solis is the only publicly listed organisation with a sole focus on PV string inverters!

You can find a variety of Solis’ commercial inverters on the SegenSolar portal that are suitable for a variety of three-phase projects.

The SegenSolar team has worked closely with Solis for several years, meaning our sales team and PV technicians are well-versed in Solis’ solutions and can offer a best-in-class service to PV installers across Southern Africa.

We recently began offering our remote set-up service for first-time Solis installers, guiding our customers with skills and knowledge to install Solis’ products with confidence. We also have a 48-hour RMA process to test and diagnose products with suspected faults, meaning our customers’ products are examined, and a replacement returned in just 72 hours.

You can find Solis’ full range of commercial solar solutions on the SegenSolar portal. If you are a PV installer based in Southern Africa, you can register to the free portal to access a variety of renewable solutions.