With a long Indian Ocean coastline, tropical climate and rich natural resources, Mozambique has lots to offer. However, its electricity landscape could do with some improvement. 

Like many nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique is tasked with improving its electrification rates, with only 40% of the population having access to power in 2021. 

The country has set out several targets, which are outlined in the Country Priority Plan and Diagnostic of the Electricity Sector, in light of this figure, including its aim to achieve at least 2,300MW of new installed capacity, secure around 5 million new grid connections and achieve universal access to electricity by 2030. 

In aid of reaching these targets, Mozambique is yet to implement any significant incentives, though feed-in tariffs and net-metering are available, and private, large-scale PV projects are playing the biggest role in boosting the country’s energy supply. 


BB Energy’s Solarcentury renewables unit announced the construction of a new 100MW solar park in June 2022 alongside London-incorporated, Cape Town-based clean energy company Renewable Energy Africa (RESA) and Mozambican investor Checunda Investimentos.  

In October 2022, Ncondezi Energy announced its plan to find a partner for a 300MW power and mine project in Tete, hoping to find further development and financing solutions to fast-track the installation. 

A tender also began for two 30MW PV projects towards the end of November 2022, as the country’s Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) began its search for independent power producers (IPP) to develop, build, operate and maintain the new sites. 

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