Mozambique is well on its way to relying on renewable energy as its primary power source, with over 40 MW of large-scale solar capacity installed across the country.

Like many nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique’s primary goal is to ensure everyone has access to electricity. Currently, only 41% of the population has power access, but the country has a target to connect at least 50% of the population to the grid by 2023.

However, solar will play a pivotal role in securing energy for as many people as possible. One of the country’s objectives is to increase its installed capacity to 3,138 MW by 2022 and 4,163 MW by 2030.

For solar, the Mocuba (40 MW) and Metoro (41 MW) projects will be a priority to achieve this generation goal. There is also 340 MW of large-scale project work being tendered across the country.

Solar PV equipment is still subject to considerable import duties and VAT. However, work is underway to create an exemption.


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