MLT Inverters is a division of MLT Drives, the oldest designer & manufacturer of solar hybrid inverter systems in Southern Africa, founded in 1986. In 2014 strong growth & a significant investment from the USA led to MLT Drives splitting into divisions which includes MLT Inverters, solely focused on inverter manufacturing & engineering services.

MLT, being a locally based manufacturing company build solar inverters & solar chargers that are suited for the harsh African climate making them well suited to install in our Market. Its strong research & development focus results in market leading innovation & unique, reliable products. The range is all NRS 097-1 certified for grid-connection too. The Oasis inverter range offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to the home or farm owner faced with unreliable or no grid electricity supply. The inverter operates at low-voltage DC and is transformer-based, which translates to a robust and safe product that guarantees trusted power in the harshest environments. SegenSolar supply a range of the Oasis Single Phase Charger Inverters, from 3KW to 6KW. With optional accessories to add value to a system such as the MLT bridge for external monitoring and Battery Temperature sensor. For more information, please visit the MLT inverter website here or refer to the documents tab on the specific product page on the SegenSolar portal.

Product codeCategoriesName
MLT-BRIDGECommunication Adaptor, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT Oasis II Bridge
MLT-F200A-PCCBattery Fuse Holder, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT 200A Battery Disconnect with Pre-Charge Circuit.
MLT-NOMAD-80MLT, MPPT Charge Controller, Storage SystemsMLT Nomad Dual Tracker MPPT Charge Controller
MLT-NOMAD-TSBattery Temperature Sensor, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT Nomad Battery Temperature Sensor
MLT-OASIS-448Charger-Inverter, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT Oasis Charger Inverter 4kW
MLT-OASIS-648Charger-Inverter, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT Oasis Charger Inverter 6kW
MLT-USB-485MLT, Remote Control, Storage SystemsMLT Oasis II Software Update Kit
MLT-OASIS-8H48Charger-Inverter, MLT, Storage SystemsMLT Oasis Charger Inverter 6kW
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