Meeting demand for residential PV with Pylontech

As the climate and energy crises wage on and the perceived viability of solar rises, more South African residents are making the transition to solar power. Equally, many South Africans who already reaping the benefits of PV are also expanding their systems, loosening and cutting their ties with the national grid.

As a result, rooftop solar has been on a strong growth trajectory for some time now — something that recent events are only going to encourage.

Having just declared a state of national emergency in light of the increasingly severe power outages affecting the country, president Ramaphosa is trying to alleviate the strain on resources by boosting rooftop solar uptake with a tax incentive.

This tax will allow homeowners to sell surplus electricity from residential PV systems to the grid, making solar an even more convenient and cost-effective option.

So, demand for a wide variety of high-quality residential PV solutions is expected to skyrocket — and, thankfully, installers can rely on Pylontech to supply them.

Pylontech’s residential batteries

Pylontech is a leading provider of solar energy storage solutions with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Focusing on innovation in every sense of the word, this manufacturer has championed sustainability throughout its long company history, whether that be with its responsible operations or highly efficient PV batteries.

As such, Pylontech is an obvious choice for high-performing, eco-friendly residential PV solutions that will help address South Africa’s energy concerns. The only question is which ones to choose!

The US2000C and US3000C

Pylontech’s ‘US’ batteries are excellent all-rounders for mid-sized residential systems in need of a safe, dependable energy storage solution to support an equally capable inverter.

With their own lithium-ion (Li-ion) phosphate cells, the preferred technology for residential PV systems, these batteries offer a high safety value and the most promising life cycle.

Both the US2000C and US3000C, which have 2.4kWh and 3.5kWh capacities, respectively, gain efficiency from an incredible 95% depth of discharge (DoD), ensuring homeowners get the most out of their solar energy supply.

The larger of the two solutions, the US3000C, also boasts a self-designed battery management system (BMS) to protect the unit from common faults, like abnormal temperature, current and voltage — effectively minimising the risk of fires and providing peace of mind in the safety of the system.

The UP2500 and UP5000

Also benefiting from Li-ion technology, Pylontech’s ‘UP’ batteries come in two variations: the UP2500 and UP5000.

As a smaller, more compact 2.84kWh, 24V energy storage solution well-suited to residential backup applications, the UP2500 operates at a 90% DoD for 6,000 cycles. With a 15-year design life, this product makes an excellent contribution to a reliable, long-lasting PV system.

The larger UP5000 offers a 4.8kWh capacity, 48V output, 95% DoD and high strike endurance, as well as a modular design and parallel capability of up to 16 units — all attractive features for more demanding systems.

As is to be expected from a brand as reputable as Pylontech, these solutions benefit from robust safety measures such as protection from overcharge, overvoltage and overdischarge, overcurrent and overtemperature — and come with warranties of up to 5 years.

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