Meet KD Solar!

Big things have been happening at SegenSolar since the start of the new year.

Not only have we delivered on promises of hosting more online and in-person training sessions and continued to increase stock from some of our customer’s favourite manufacturers, but we have also welcomed some new brands the portal; one of the most recent being KD Solar!

As solar mounting specialists aiming to provide everything you need to secure PV systems, KD Solar has a vast selection of trusted mounting products — all of which ensure a safe, secure installation.

So, if you are eager to offer your customers the latest and greatest solar solutions and want to find out more about this exciting new addition to our portfolio, keep reading…

A stellar South African brand

KD Solar is local to South Africa, meaning it genuinely understands the country’s complex energy requirements — and has the broad, dynamic portfolio to prove it.

This manufacturer supplies mounting brackets, A-frames, roof hooks, brackets and clamps for all roof surfaces, including tiled, flat, corrugated and inverted box rib (IBR), as well as a series of metal roof profiles. What’s more, KD Solar also supplies penetrating and non-penetrating mounting products, plus solutions with long rails and no rails at all.

As such, installers are spoiled for choice when selecting mounting solutions from KD Solar — allowing you to provide high-quality PV systems to every kind of project, residential or commercial, no matter how complicated the site requirements are.

To top it all off, KD Solar’s portfolio is made with stainless steel components, providing resistance against corrosion and keeping the weight of the product to a minimum for a system that is as long lasting (and sustainable) as it is easy to install.

Supplying mounting solutions for every roof type

We are proud to stock an extensive selection of KD Solar’s mounting solutions on our portal, giving installers the perfect tools to mount rooftop PV systems every time.

For IBR roofs, KD solar offers the short rail roof anchor for a landscape IBR roofs and adjustable roof anchor for portrait no rail IBR roofs, which can be secured with its dedicated screws for IBR and corrugated no-rail roof mounting brackets or threaded hex bolt for A-frame and metal roof bracket combo.

These screws can also be used on corrugated roofs, alongside the landscape mounting for corrugated roof or no rail portrait mounting bracket for corrugated roof, depending on which orientation is required.

Plus, we also stock KD Solar’s mounting solutions for trickier roof types.

For example, the tile roof mounting bracket for long rail solutions for long rail solutions and penetrating slate/Harvey tile roof mounting bracket with push clip for long rail solutions can be used to achieve a reliable installation on tiled roofs.

KD Solar also helps installers achieve the optimum angle of incidence on flat roofs with its dedicated flat roof portfolio, which comprises an A-frame ballast weight, ballast holder and adjustable V-frame bracket.

And our partnership with KD Solar does not stop there!

This manufacturer has been keen to help installers get to grips with its portfolio, having recently given a helpful overview of its portfolio alongside Solis and Pylontech at our recent training sessions in February and March 2023.

Keep an eye out KD Solar at future events — we cannot wait to see where this impressive brand pops up next!

Discover KD Solar’s comprehensive mounting solutions and see all upcoming training sessions on the SegenSolar portal today by logging in or signing up for a free account.