Over 99% of Malawi’s electricity is currently generated by hydroelectric sources. However, just 11% of the population has access to electricity — a number the Malawi government aim to increase to 30% by 2030 — and there is a very low quantity of total PV installed. Something, therefore, must change.

Solar power could offer a viable addition to Malawi’s energy mix, as the country has some of the world’s highest solar irradiation levels.

Planned Projects

Malawi’s government acknowledged that energy must be prioritised in its Growth and Development Strategy (2017–2022) and plans to take action to ensure the country has a greater supply of energy from a range of renewable sources.

Malawi removed import duties on entry-level solar lights in 2022 to make solar power a more affordable option, therefore incentivising the widespread uptake of renewable lighting in rural communities.

JCM Power has constructed the 75MW Salima Solar project — the country’s first commercial-scale solar IPP — which delivers 60MWAC of power to Malawi’s national grid and will help increase electrification rates. The project has now received support from Total Land Care, the NGO leading the Endowing Farming Families with Opportunities for Resilience and Transformation (EFFORT) initiative, setting an impressive precedent for future investors.

Work has begun on a 50 MW solar park in Malawi, spreading over 105 hectares of land to help provide the country with more power from a greater variety of sources.


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