Madagascar is an island situated 400 km off the east coast of Africa, separated from the mainland by the Mozambique Channel.  

According to data from 2020, around a third of people living in Madagascar have access to electricity — and almost all these people live in urban areas. Unsurprisingly, such low figures are limiting the country’s economic and social development. 

So, to ensure the country can reach its full potential, Madagascar aims to raise electrification to 70% by 2030. And what other energy resource can the country depend on than renewables? 

Renewable energy is set to represent 85% of Madagascar’s energy mix by 2030, with solar making up 5% of this total. Thanks to the country’s impressive solar potential, Madagascar is well-placed to achieve this goal with the help of a few schemes and initiatives… 

As it stands, the import duty and VAT exemptions on solar panels and lithium batteries coming into Madagascar are helping increase the uptake of PV systems — and large-scale PV projects are giving solar capacity a much-needed boost. 


Numerous private energy companies invested in the construction of PV projects in Madagascar in 2022. For example, Green Energy Solutions (GES Madagascar) joined forced with independent power producer (IPP) GreenYellow and Axian Group in September 2022 to commission a 1MWp PV plant.  

This plant became operational in February 2023, helping cover the energy needs of all the 285,000 people living in the town of Vohémar. Since then, the duo helped oversee the construction of another 1.8MWp PV plant — this time in Antalaha, in the Sava region. 

 Keeping up the good work, GreenYellow and Aian also reached financial close for the construction of a 40MW solar pant and 5MW storage facility in February 2023. This installation is set to become the country’s largest solar park and sets an important precedent for future PV investments. 

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