Local support from Renusol

Mounting solutions you can trust

Mounting is often overlooked in solar installations but is a crucial part of every PV project. As a solar system has a standard lifetime of 25 years, the panels need to be mounted to the roof securely to last the duration of the warranty.

Renusol offers unrivalled mounting solutions for every roof type. From flat-roof commercial applications to pitched-roof residential projects, Renusol can provide a quality engineered solution offering ease of use and efficient installation.

To continue building on its steady relationship with the manufacturer, SegenSolar is delighted to announce the arrival of Renusol’s Technical Sales Manager, Christopher Steinbach, on the ground in South Africa. Christopher will be working closely with the tech team in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and will be on call to offer support to customers.

Everyday expertise

Day to day, Christopher supports all training and aftersales-related questions from installers and wholesale customers. Christopher has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector in South Africa and has worked in the photovoltaic (PV) space for nearly 10 years. A relationship with Marko Balen in Renusol’s management team came about in early 2019 due to joint expertise and a common focus on quality. Together, Marko and Christopher have worked to expand both the support and backing in the local region for Renusol.

With over a decade under his belt in the renewable energy industry, Christopher has an unmatched understanding of the commercial and business aspect of PV, as well as an in-depth grasp of the technical side thanks to years of experience with multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Christopher has worked on a range of project sizes, from utility-scale through to industrial applications to small residential systems. Such broad expertise and experience will be shared with the market via training to assist those with less experience or simply to add to the knowledge base of individuals or companies with a deeper understanding of solar.

First-in-class technical training

As well as offering face-to-face support for installers, Christopher will be running a series of training sessions that will cover both the theoretical and practical aspect of solar applications with Renusol. Installers will also receive high-level sales training owing to the outstanding quality of Renusol’s products additional to training focussed on aftersales and the technical elements of the products. Initially, these sessions will be hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, but Renusol has hopes to eventually expand training locations in other areas as the demand is determined over time.

Christopher’s involvement with SegenSolar will benefit end-users and local installers as he is able to share his thorough knowledge and understanding of the products as well as the technical requirements of solar installations. This will allow more efficient installs and guarantee clients are happier with quality, enhanced and all-round improved installations on their homes or commercial properties.

Why not get in touch?

The first point of contact for support from Christopher will generally be email or phone. However, there is scope for site visits as the team is keen to ensure every client receives assistance best suited to the requirements of each individual situation. Supporting clients is a critical focus to ensure everyone involved is fully satisfied and being available on site is a vital service element for Renusol.

Renusol offers mounting solutions for flat or pitched roofs across both residential and commercial applications. Discover the products now for the most reliable range on the market.