Kit Builder: the easiest way to order PV kits made easier! 

If you have been keeping up with SegenSolar, you will have seen us talk about Kit Builder.

As a completely free, online PV design tool offering a net 3% discount and fastest dispatch to all installers, Kit Builder is consistently heralded as the most convenient and cost-effective way to purchase PV products.

And these benefits are just the start…

Because each kit is compiled by our experts, every product combination is compatible, safe and effective — featuring some of the top-rated solutions on the portal. This brings us to today’s star brand: Pylontech!

As a well-established PV product manufacturer with an array of dynamic and flexible solar energy storage solutions, every Pylontech solar battery we stock is available in one of our pre-compiled kits.

So, as we walk you through everything you need to know about Kit Builder, including how to use it and which kit to choose, we will be shining a light on how Pylontech fits into it all.

Navigating Kit Builder

Kit Builder can be accessed via the SegenSolar portal — the place to go for all of your solar product requirements.

Once you click on the Kit Builder tool, you will be presented with a pre-selected, complete PV kit, showing you the best possible product combinations, their availability and total cost.

Should you want to amend something about the kit, such as the battery or module type and quantity, roof type or module orientation, you can select your preferred option via a convenient drop-down menu (or move on to the Design Tool). Either way, you will only be choosing from trusted, compatible products!

This simple process is the same regardless of which type of kit you select, and there are multiple to choose from…

Go all out with our Off-Grid kit

Our Off-Grid kits do exactly what they say on the tin.

Providing an off-grid inverter, battery and solar panel with the capability to end people’s reliance on the national grid, this kit is ideal for providing maximum solar power and energy freedom amidst rising utility bills and power outages.

Stick with the Self-Consumption kit

For those looking to loosen, not cut, grid ties, our Self-Consumption kits are the way to go.

These kits also comprise a battery and PV modules required to generate independent an electricity supply, but come with a grid-connected hybrid inverter, rather than an off-grid one, that also carries the NRS 079 certification.

Bank on the Back-Up Only kits

A Back-Up kit provides a reliable supply to fall back on when load shedding occurs.

These kits consist of an inverter and battery, without a PV array, allowing homeowners to leverage surplus grid electricity and continue running essential loads (and business owners to keep their doors open) during blackouts.

Power through with Pylontech

Whichever kit you choose, you will find Pylontech’s solutions as an option.

When taking homes and businesses off-grid, this manufacturer’s batteries can be paired with inverters from Blue Mountain Energy: a top PV manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in the industry.

Blue Mountain Energy can also be combined with Pylontech when installing a backup system, where KODAK Solar Products, the name synonymous with innovative, affordable solar products, is another attractive pairing possibility.

Even more opportunities arise when opting for a self-consumption supply — with Atess, Solis, Sunsynk and Victron Energy all compatible with Pylontech’s first-class batteries and available to choose from via the numerous kit variations.

Atess, Solis, Sunsynk and Victron Energy are also found within the kits for backup usage, giving installers the ultimate flexibility to install exceptional, industry-leading solutions that suit an array of application requirements.

SegenSolar is proud of its ongoing partnership with such a dynamic manufacturer. Pylontech’s versatile solutions are integral to our ongoing efforts to provide high-quality PV solutions, as well as simple, easy ways to purchase them. 

To use Kit Builder, and design one of our Off-Grid, Self-Consumption and Back-Up kits, head to the portal, where you can log in or sign up for free!