Jean Muller is a German based, vertically integrated manufacturer who prides itself in quality, expertise and innovation of fuse switch disconnectors and energy monitoring systems with over 100 years of experience and 23,000 products.

All lithium ion batteries sold by SegenSolar, incorporate a built-in BMS which automatically disconnects the battery should any conditions exceed the set parameters.  However, in order to allow a dedicated external point of disconnection, and to ensure disconnection of all batteries within a battery bank where applicable, a standalone battery disconnect is still recommended for lithium ion batteries.

SegenSolar offers a number of Jean Muller battery disconnector options which allow for safe interruption of the battery circuit rated at 40A, 80A, 125A and 160A, and are suitable for all battery types currently sold by SegenSolar.

You can read more about Jean Muller on their website   or refer to the documents tab on the specific product page on the SegenSolar portal.

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