Introducing the new Kit Builder

Kit Builder is the latest tool to arrive at the SegenSolar portal. Designed by the in-house technical solar experts, this free software is the quickest, cheapest and most accurate way to create a PV system through the SegenSolar portal.  

An intuitive software

Not only is Kit Builder the most cost-effective way to make your purchase but this new tool is also fast, simple and guarantees compatibility between products. You can create a full, compatible system quote in as little as five clicks.  

You can select your Kit from the variety of Kits available. Each Kit has been created and modified carefully by the technical team 

The Kits available include: 

  • Off-Grid Kits 
  • Self-Consumption Kits 
  • Back-Up Only Kits 

If you do not need to make any changes to the predefined Kit, you will be taken to the ‘Kit Summary’ page to either complete your quote or make adjustments in the Designer.  

If you need to make any alterations, you can adjust your module type and quantity, battery type and mounting system. Once you have made your selections, you can complete your quote or make further changes in Designer.  

An abundance of benefits

SegenSolar’s all-new Kit Builder software allows you to design an accurate and compatible storage system in just a few clicks.  

Complete and accurate 

You can choose from a range of predefined Kits that have all been carefully chosen by the experienced Sales and Technical Team. The Kits feature only products that are compatible with each other and within the operating tolerances. They also include all smaller components such as cables, connectors and disconnectors which are easy to forget. 


All you need to do is choose your Kit from the range available. If you would like to customise the Kit, you can choose from a variety of compatible panels and batteries.  

Super fast 

Kit Builder is the fastest way to generate a quote with a full bill of materials. Just five clicks and you have a full quote. 

Best price guaranteed 

The portal will apply an additional discount to any quote generated from Kit Builder, a feature that means you won’t find lower prices anywhere else on the portal.

30-day price fix 

The pricing on any quote you generate from Kit Builder will be locked in for 30 days, protecting you from fluctuating exchange rates.

Ready to dispatch sooner  

A quote generated through Kit Builder or any other SegenSolar design tool is automatically deemed compatible, which means your order will be ready to ship sooner than if the quote was created manually.   

Upskill with webinars

The software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. However, SegenSolar will be running a series of webinar sessions to ensure all installers are thoroughly informed on the tool and have total confidence in using it to its maximum potential. These sessions are free to join and are recommended for any installer with an account on the SegenSolar portal. 

If you are a solar installer interested in creating a compatible system quote in minutes, sign up to the SegenSolar portal and get started with Kit Builder today.