How do installers prevent solar panels from overheating? 

Everyone knows that South Africa is blessed with ample sunlight hours, making it an excellent candidate for solar power. However, with sunny weather comes high temperatures, which can negatively impact the performance of PV systems. 

Especially hot conditions can cause the particles inside solar panels to move around more than usual, reducing how much electricity they generate. And whilst installers do not have to worry too much when temperatures are in the mid-twenties, with solar panels usually tested at 25°C, overheating and output losses are a real cause for concern when module surfaces exceed 35°C — something that occurs all the time for panels mounted on metal roofs, which conduct heat. 

Thankfully, Renusol has a dedicated metal roof system that can help installers wave goodbye to fears of overheated solar panels: the MetaSole+ (MS+) range 

Everything you need for metal roof mounting 

The Renusol MS+ system comprises all the components required for the installation of PV panels on metal roofs. 

There are two MS+ mounting rails available, the 350mm model and the 400mm model, both of which benefit from a compact design that reduces transport costs. These products are suitable for modules with frame heights of between 30mm and 50mm and do not need to be fixed with pilot drilling, resulting in quick and easy installation. 

Also included in the MS+ system is the corrugated roof adaptor, which facilitates mounting on corrugated rooftops, as well as the roof anchor, which is suitable for trapezoidal, inverted box rib (IBR) and corrugated roofs. Multiple application possibilities mean easier planning for more streamlined projects.  

And finally, the component that helps protect panels against high temperatures is the MS+ High Top! 

This roof anchor raises PV modules up to 100mm away from the roof surface to encourage airflow between the two materials. With improved ventilation, the system components are kept cool and, therefore, their efficiencies are kept at optimum levels year-round.  

The High Top can be installed without pilot drilling, thanks to self-tapping screws (supplied in ready-made kits) that allow the product to be fixed directly onto metal rooftops without fuss. So, you can achieve a secure metal rooftop installation that will not suffer when the weather warms up. 

Whilst the impressive features displayed throughout the MS+ portfolio should give you a good enough idea of how outstanding Renusol is, there are many more reasons to trust this manufacturer evident within its history and ethos. 

A brand you can trust 

Renusol has over 25 years of experience in the solar industry, having started out in 1997. During this time, the brand has delivered mounting solutions just like the MS+ system to over 48 countries around the world, making it a leader in the global solar market. 

Mounting solutions from Renusol have been used in numerous residential and commercial projects on all roof types, including metal, throughout its quarter-century of operation, on everything from utility-scale buildings to a solar pyramid in Scotland, which won an award for its ingenious design. 

All this success is unsurprising when we consider that Renusol has maintained an unwavering commitment to its founding principles, ‘Simple, Solid, Service’, since its inception. These terms, which the manufacturer strives to achieve throughout its offering, ensure every Renusol service and product is user-friendly, reliable and of the highest quality every time. 

Not only this, but Renusol also holds the seal of approval from a series of global organisations, such as the European Commission, which have bestowed Renusol’s portfolio with internationally recognised accreditations and certificates.  

So, whilst it may be winter now, spring is just around the corner, and the installations on your current to-do list await longer, sunnier days and hotter temperatures once they reach completion — making it the perfect time to invest in reliable mounting metal roof solutions from a brand as trusted as Renusol.  

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