Helping homeowners get started with solar

Whilst most of the South African population knows that investing in a PV system is an ideal solution to the current energy supply crisis, with solar offering sustainable, reliable and cost-effective power whatever state the national grid is in, not everyone knows whether they are a candidate for it.

That is because different homeowners have different energy supply and PV product requirements, and different homes, which have unique-sized roofs and roof surfaces, require different mounting solutions.

Thankfully, there is a tool helping homeowners work out whether they are a suitable candidate for solar power — and an innovative PV mounting brand with a diverse portfolio catering to a variety of residential solar needs…

The LookSee tool 

Earlier this year, Standard Bank developed the LookSee online tool for homeowners living in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Tshwane metros, with plans to extend its outreach to other metros in the future.

The tool shows users how feasible it is for them to install a PV system, as well as how much electricity they could get out of it, using data such as the sun’s irradiation levels in their area, the angle their rooftop sits at and its surface area to provide a score between 0 and 100.

This ‘Solar Score’ indicates how good a PV system is for the homeowner. A score of 0-40 means a PV system is not feasible and 40-50 means the user could benefit from PV, but its output could be limited. However, according to Andrew van der Hoven, Standard Bank’s head of digital and e-commerce, only 10-15% of homeowners receive this score.

Meanwhile, scores of 50-60 and 60-70 are deemed above and above average, and homeowners who receive these figures can confidently consider implementing a PV system — perhaps even one with off-grid storage.

Homeowners who are good candidates for solar can then ask Standard Bank to conduct a home power analysis to suggest what kind of PV system would be right for them and provide financing options.

After that, these homeowners can look towards our portfolio to find the right mounting solutions for their properties, thanks to the fact that we stock brands like KD Solar.

KD Solar’s portfolio

As a South African supplier, KD Solar provides a comprehensive array of solar mounting systems for all types of PV requirements — including plenty to suit residential customers.

For example, included in KD Solar’s residential portfolio are an array of products designed to ensure the ideal angle of inclination for sun exposure on sloped rooftops, including the adjustable V-frame brackets for landscape mounting and 13-25 degrees adjustable V-frame bracket for portrait mounting.

Because KD Solar supplies options for different panel orientations, installers can select the right component for a range of rooftop configurations. Plus, as the bracket can be adjusted, they are bound to suit a variety of flat and low-angled roofs. Thus, KD Solar helps installers ensure homeowners can get the most power out of their PV systems.

What’s more, KD Solar supplies mounting rails in two lengths: 4.4m and 4.7m. As a result, the brand caters to a range of residential rooftop sizes — helping installers bring solar power to homeowners with different-sized spaces to work with.

All components from KD Solar are also built to the highest possible standards, with stainless steel and aluminium parts that ensure optimum durability and longevity. And if that is enough to tell you why to choose KD Solar for your residential projects, its products are also protected by generous 10-year warranties — a testament to their reliability.

With the LookSee tool and KD Solar’s diverse offering, we are sure that plenty of homeowners will find ways to reap the benefits of solar power this year and beyond. What great news for South Africa’s energy future!

To explore more of KD Solar’s residential portfolio, log in or sign up for a free account on the SegenSolar portal today.