Get to know the KD Solar portfolio 

South Africa’s energy landscape is famously complicated.

The national grid is in a state of disrepair, with power plants dropping offline and key supplies needing to be hastily restored all the time. Planned blackouts are also being implemented on an unpredictable basis, as the less severe outages witnessed in June have been replaced by Stage 6 load shedding once again.

All this disruption has helped constitute an equally complex national solar power market, where installers need enough products to cater to the array of home and business owners with varying property sizes and, therefore, PV system requirements. Which is where KD Solar comes in!

This South African brand understands the continued demand for a huge variety of residential and commercial PV projects, supplying high-quality mounting solutions to ensure the reliable installation of different roof types.

Keep reading to discover KD Solar’s selection of mounting systems — and find the perfect components for your next task.

Tiled roofs

As the most common roof type for residential PV projects, tiled roofs will be familiar to any experienced solar installer — and are a crucial aspect of KD Solar’s offering.

The KD Solar tile roof mounting bracket for long rail solutions is built with aluminium, like all other KD Solar products, making it lightweight and durable. The bracket boasts an adjustable height and can be installed in multiple positions, resulting in a dynamic system component that is suitable for a variety of tiled roof surfaces.

KD Solar also provides the penetrating slate/Harvey tile roof mounting bracket with push clip for long rail solutions, which, as the name suggests, is suitable for rooftops with slate or Harvey tile coverings. This product features the same heavy-duty design as the roof bracket and comes with the roof anchor, silicone rubber and hex screws required for installation.

Corrugated roofs 

As tiled roofs are synonymous with residential PV projects, corrugated roofs are associated with commercial ones — and there are two key KD Solar products that suit them.

Firstly, KD Solar offers the landscape mounting bracket for corrugated roofs. This 78mm solution is designed for use with four screws for IBR and corrugated no-rail roof mount brackets, also supplied by KD Solar. Together, these products facilitate the direct mounting of solar modules on corrugated rooftops, with excellent reliability and lasting power.

There is also the KD Solar no-rail portrait mounting bracket for corrugated roofs, which is the same as the aforementioned bracket — just for installation in a different orientation. When combined with six of the IBR and corrugated roof screws, this bracket supports fuss-free portrait PV system installation on corrugated roofs.

IBR roofs

IBR (inverted box rib) roofs are common in both residential and commercial projects of all sizes. So, KD Solar offers a variety of PV mounting solutions to cater to various IBR installation needs.

The KD Solar short rail roof anchor for a landscape IBR roof, like the brand’s roof anchors for other roof types, is a robust solution enabling the mounting of solar modules as part of rooftop systems. It is designed for use alongside four IBR and corrugated no-rail roof mounting bracket screws.

For more flexibility when installing PV systems on IBR roofs, KD Solar boasts the adjustable roof anchor for portrait no-rail IBR roofs. Able to be modified to suit different-shaped roof crests via four changeable ‘legs’, this product is an ideal option for installers working on lots of IBR projects — especially those with limited roof space.

Flat roofs

Affordable and compact, flat roofs are a common feature of commercial PV projects. They just need mounting products that ensure sufficient elevation for optimal solar irradiation.

KD Solar provides a selection of these products, including the adjustable V-frame bracket for portrait mounting. Designed to help raise the PV system to whatever height is required to achieve the ideal level of exposure to the sun and achieve the most productive solar power generation, this bracket can be used with any flat metal roof anchor for maximum flexibility.

Also in KD Solar’s flat roof offering is the A-frame ballast weight rectangular block and ballast holder for flat roof ballast mounting systems, which can be paired with the V-frame bracket to complete a sturdy solution. The result? A flawless flat roof mounting system with enhanced resistance against the elements.

Find all the PV mounting solutions you could ever need for different roof types amidst South Africa’s increasingly complex energy landscape in KD Solar’s portfolio. Just log in or sign up for a free account on our portal!