Get to know Blue Mountain Energy: the brand behind the VL4.8 

With the number of manufacturers and suppliers joining our offering every month, it can be hard to keep track of our stock. 

But we do not want any of our customers to miss out on products from cutting-edge brands simply because they do not know they are available. 

 So, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Blue Mountain Energy, otherwise known as BME. 

This renewable energy expert has been a huge asset to the SegenSolar portal since it joined — offering an enviable selection of domestic and commercial-scale PV system components, including the popular VL4.8 battery.  

Here is a brief overview of BME’s company history and a closer look at its portfolio. Keep reading and you could just discover your new favourite brand! 


10+ years of global partnerships  


BME started out more than a decade ago, registering in the UK as a renewable energy company powered by FoxESS and its parent company Tsingshan Group. 

Since then, the organisation has taken its operations worldwide — boasting sites in Africa and Europe, with sites in America and Asia coming soon. 

In each of these areas, BME works with tier-one manufacturing partners to bring an exceptional range of products to market. For example, BME is the sole brand licensee for KODAK Solar Products — a tried-and-true provider of cost-effective solar batteries and inverters designed for the South African market. 

BME’s international influence has given it a strong foothold in the global solar industry, as well as a reputation that is trusted by installers far and wide.  

However, its global partnerships are certainly not the only reason why we are proud to feature BME on our portfolio! 

The brand has several praise-worthy batteries and inverters to its name, covering numerous application requirements across the domestic and commercial spectrum. 


A range of innovative solar products 


Two of the most exciting PV system components to BME’s name are its three-phase hybrid inverters: the BME-WP-12 and BME-WP-15. 

These products feature IP65 ingress protection for safe outdoor use, in addition to dual outputs for smart load control and Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. Plus, with 150% unbalanced load support, they allow for power to be shared between phases. Great for complex commercial projects!  

Moreover, both inverters also come with six-unit parallel capabilities, meaning they can easily be scaled up for a total of 72kW or 90kW of power — it just depends on the model you choose.  

Equally impressive are BME’s VL4.8 batteries. 

As the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio, these high-performance modules offer an industry-leading 1.5C discharge rate and 1C charge rate. So, they can discharge up to 7.5kW of power and be charged in just one hour — meaning power is available on demand.

With 10-unit parallel capabilities and 90% depth of discharges (DoDs), the batteries can provide up to 50kW of efficient storage. And thanks to their >6000 life cycle, they are ideally suited to high-cycle applications like off-grid and self-consumption systems.  

Best of all — when you pair a BME inverter and VL4.8 battery together, the inverter warranty will automatically be extended from five to 10 years, resulting in a decade of protection for both components. 

Installation is made quick and easy by plug-and-play designs and BMS communications, which ensure seamless communication with BME and KODAK Solar Products inverters. And the battery-inverter pairings are available in ultra-convenient domestic packages for a discounted price! 

What more could you want from PV system components? 

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