Get Pylontech in your off-grid kit 

 PV systems that are not connected to the national grid have long been considered the answer to South Africa’s energy crisis — offering reliable, sustainable and cost-effective power even when load shedding occurs. 

 Because off-grid systems rely on surplus electricity stored for later use, the battery you choose for these types of installations can make or break home and business owners’ supplies. So, to ensure customer satisfaction and support the transition to a more sustainable future, it is hugely important to choose wisely when selecting these crucial components. 

Fortunately, the ideal solutions lie in Pylontech’s trusted off-grid portfolio, which can be paired with inverters from KODAK Solar Products. 

Your go-to brand 

Pylontech began in 2009 as a dedicated battery energy storage (BESS) provider. The brand quickly grew roots in European and Australian PV markets and started shipping across the globe not even 10 years after its inception.  

With so much experience in various international solar, Pylontech is one of the most capable names in the current solar landscape — boasting the knowledge to cater to a vast array of off-grid requirements and a universally recognised reputation.  

What’s more, Pylontech’s expertise in PV batteries has been formally recognised by numerous institutions, such as EUPD Research, which granted the manufacturer the title of ‘Top PV Storage Brand’ for three consecutive years, and S&P Global Insights, which named Pylontech the ‘No. 1 Residential Energy Storage System Provider’ earlier this year. 

Still, Pylontech’s reputation is not the only reason why you can (and should) select its products for your off-grid projects.  

Some of today’s most impressive solar batteries have come from Pylontech, with each model encompassing top PV technologies ensuring optimum performance and cost-effectiveness. And what better way to show you than with our off-grid kits?  

The best way to order  

Installers can find a selection of Pylontech batteries paired with all the compatible components required to complete a stellar off-grid PV system in Kit Builder: our free tool offering installers expert-selected product combinations at a net 2% discount.  

Take the OG-3.24 kit as an example. Gaining its name from the 3kW, 24V KODAK Solar Products inverter it comprises, which is designed for smaller domestic PV systems, this kit features the Pylontech UP2500: a 2.84kW battery equipped with plenty of expert features.  

For instance, the UP2500 boasts a modular design for ease of expansion and a parallel capability of up to 20 units, allowing you to cater to homeowners’ changing off-grid requirements. This unit also comes with a high 2550Wh usable capacity for added efficiency, as well as a generous warranty of up to 7 years. 

There is also a larger kit comprising the KODAK Solar Products OG-7.2 inverter, with its high output power, and the Pylontech UP5000 battery.  

This 4.8kWh unit can support large installations of up to 72.96kWh and comes with an intelligent battery management system (BMS) protecting the system from common issues, ensuring maximum safety and product longevity. The UP500 offers an outstanding 15-year design life and can parallel up to 20 units — exactly what you need to provide an all-around excellent off-grid supply. 

Both Pylontech batteries included in these kits are built with superior lithium-ion technology, as is to be expected from this solar energy storage expert. In turn, each model can be used to build a first-class off-grid system — whatever your customer needs… 

Learn more about Pylontech and discover all the off-grid kits this manufacturer features in on our portal today. Simply log in or sign up for free!