Foolproof flat roofing with Renusol

Regardless of the capabilities of your products, no PV system will perform optimally unless positioned correctly. This can be particularly troubling for installations on flat roofs, where panels must be elevated to achieve the desired power output.

Thankfully, installers can attend to these concerns and optimise every flat roof installation with background knowledge and innovative mounting products from Renusol.

Understanding flat roof requirements

When elevating solar panels on a flat roof, installers must ensure that safety is maintained at all times. As panels are elevated higher, the risk of them being damaged by high winds and other extreme weather conditions increases — necessitating heavy-duty fixing products to keep them fully secured to the roof surface.

The need to elevate panels on flat roofs also gives rise to another potential issue: shading. If installed too close together, panels can fall under each other’s shadows, which interferes with the generation of solar power.

Furthermore, even when installers have plenty of roof space to work with, the system must conform to specific regulations. The minimum distance from roof edges of the Renusol system is only 60cm.

Correctly sized mounting products that do not take up additional space are essential to avoiding this problem and ensuring the system is exposed to the sunlight needed for optimum performance.

We recommend installers use the straightforward, space-saving products from Renusol to avoid the above issues. This manufacturer has an extensive selection of flat roof mounting systems that guarantee a safe, secure installation every time.

The TriSole+

Renusol’s TriSole+, otherwise known as the TS+, is a triangular elevated mounting system that ensures optimised PV panel installation on flat roofs.

This system is one of Renusol’s many universal solutions, meaning it can be used on various flat roof installations with both portrait and landscape orientations, different module sizes and, most importantly, multiple angles of inclination.

Mounting angles of up to 35 degrees can be safely achieved with the TS+, with the TS+ triangles available in 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35-degree models, meaning flat roof installations can reap all the benefits of solar power without compromise.

The FS

Large flat roofs are serviced with the Renusol FS system, a ballasted system equipped with several innovative features.

Firstly, the FS features a compact design with fewer parts and shorter rails, meaning panels can be installed with ample space between them — so there is no need to worry about encroaching upon other panels’ sun exposure.

No “creeping“ in case of temperature-dependent expansion due to short rails with connectors.

In addition to this, if the roof has limited load capacity, the FS system can be fixed on the roof.

Protection pads can also be used with the FS system to prevent damage to the roof surface upon installation.

Renusol is a PV mounting specialist with 25 years of experience providing cutting-edge solutions to the solar market. We are proud to partner with this industry-leading manufacturer, and stock a range of Renusol products on the portal. Just choose your mounting system and find an installer near you today!