Five considerations for PV system installation

When considering how to cater to the rising demand for solar power — and provide home and business owners with the best possible PV systems — it is easy to just think about the battery and inverter you will select.

And whilst the quality of these key system components makes a huge difference in how effective the solar energy supply is (and how satisfied your customers are), they are not the only things that installers need to think about.

If the panels are not installed correctly, everything can go awry — with sun exposure and energy production being reduced, system safety and longevity left compromised and cost-effectiveness going out the window.

So, to ensure you cover all ground when fixing rooftop PV products, we have outlined some key considerations that impact every project — and how Renusol products can help you address them…

Factors to keep in mind

You can only choose the right mounting solutions if you know exactly what you are trying to achieve with your PV system installation. Whilst priorities vary significantly between residential and commercial projects, and even between each home or business owner, there are five key things to keep in mind.

  1. Roof inclination

In South Africa, most homes and businesses receive an ample amount of daily sunlight. But if solar panels are to function effectively, they must be installed at the optimum angle for sun exposure, which can be at odds with the natural inclination of the roof they are being installed on. So, installers need flexible mounting products that can be adjusted to suit each rooftop.

  1. Environmental conditions

Extreme weather such as strong winds and high temperatures are becoming more common as climate change grows more severe, exacerbating the already strenuous conditions many rooftop PV panels must be able to withstand. As such, heavy-duty mounting solutions that do not deteriorate under environmental stress are a must.

  1. Panel lifespan

Of course, durable products are the preferred option for every PV system installation. However, if your mounting products are not durable enough (for example, if they last for 5 years, and the system lasts for 10), the customer will incur extra maintenance costs. Therefore, it is good to know how long the panels need to be fixed for — and use mounting components that match or exceed this.

  1. Proposed installation period

Again, whilst speedy installation is naturally favoured over lengthy installation, some projects can afford to spend more time fiddling with more complicated mounting procedures — and others cannot. If you must meet a tight deadline, it is crucial to choose the simplest mounting products that save you time and energy.

  1. Budget

Nobody wants to break the bank for their PV system — and home and business owners alike will want to cut costs where possible, especially in today’s tumultuous economy. Ensure this is a possibility by opting for cost-effective mounting solutions that will also save customers money down the line.

You may be wondering, ‘Do adjustable, durable, time-saving and cost-effective mounting solutions even exist’? They do — and they come from Renusol, a trusted PV mounting expert with more than 25 years of experience!

Renusol’s mounting solutions

Many things set Renusol apart from the rest, including its unwavering commitment to ‘Simple, Solid, Service’ and long history of active participation in the solar industry, but it is its mounting systems that stand out the most.

By separating its solutions into simple ranges based on roof type, Renusol helps installers select the right solutions without fuss. The components these systems comprise are also simple to use, streamlining installation.

For example, we proudly stock the MS+ range, which is designed for metal roofs — and comprises a series of variations to cater to different roof types and environmental conditions.

Only portrait rails are available in two different lengths (350mm and 400mm) while landscape just one length, each without continuous rails or the need for pilot drilling — resulting in a compact, money-saving and fuss-free installation. There are also various add-ons, like the High Top, which raises the PV panels from the roof to increase ventilation and performance.

And we cannot talk about Renusol without mentioning its universal products.

The RS1 middle and end clamps, which come in black and silver, can be used to mount any rooftop PV system with framed panels between 30mm and 50mm in height — supporting faster, easier installation. These clamps are also made from corrosion-resistant steel, ensuring product longevity, and have adjustable features that ensure the perfect fit every time.

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