Face-to-face events are back!

SegenSolar is thrilled to say that we have reintroduced in-person sessions to our events schedule. Installers can keep an eye out for invitations to our face-to-face product training events as these sessions will begin taking place regularly across South Africa. 

Perks of in-person training

Before the pandemic, we hosted regular in-person training events for our installer customers all over Southern Africa. These events received exceptional feedback and were always well-attended, thanks to the efforts of our fantastic tech team. The benefits of in-person training are numerous: installers can have a hands-on experience with the products, engage in networking amongst themselves and enjoy the personal interaction with the SegenSolar experts.

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 meant that we had to take our training online as we were keen to continue upskilling as many installers as possible. Online events are, of course, more convenient as nobody has to travel for them, and people can attend from a much larger geographical pool. We have also been running our webinars since May 2020 and have perfected the logistics of the sessions.

We have now entered a post-pandemic era where additional measures must be taken to ensure everyone attending the events feels safe. We still have measures in place to make sure our customers feel comfortable, such as sanitisation stations, social distancing protocols and mandatory face masks.

Whilst we are hosting monthly in-peron training sessions, we will still continue with our webinars. Our virtual training sessions are still incredibly popular, and there are dozens of benefits to hosting events online. We have recognised that offering a blend of face-to-face and virtual training is the best way forward, as it ensures that those who are not comfortable attending in-person events can still benefit.

Getting back to business

On 21 February, we held our first face-to-face event since the pandemic hit nearly two years ago. We were delighted to welcome so many new and familiar faces to give an in-depth training session on installing Canadian Solar panels with Renusol mounting equipment. We held this session at the Randburg Golf Club and had a remarkable turnout of installers from far and wide.

Canadian Solar delivers efficient solar panels that have been thoroughly tested in extreme conditions, coming out on top each time. The company offers a variety of high-performance panels for residential and commercial solar installations alike, and the modules are trusted around the world thanks to their award-winning bankability.

We always recommend mounting panels in a commercial system using Renusol equipment. Renusol is renowned for its simple yet durable mounting solutions that cater to a variety of roof types. What’s more, when you design a mounting system in Renusol’s unique PV-Configurator 3.0 online tool, a 25-year warranty is applied to every selected Renusol component!

A month to look forward to

Our webinar schedule for March 2022 is looking busy, with sessions planned every week to teach installers about best-selling products from leading PV manufacturers.

Our monthly Portal Training takes place on 2 March. These events help our newer customers learn how to maximise the benefits of the portal, and we will also provide essential information on how to use our Kit Builder tool. This session will cover:

  • Navigating the homepage
  • Searching for products
  • Viewing single prices, bulk pack prices, special offers, stock availability etc.
  • Downloading product documentation
  • Using Kit Builder
  • Creating shipments
  • Finding the webinar schedule and signing up to events
  • Getting in touch with the team
  • Booking a return

We are running an in-depth session on ATESS’ three-phase inverters on 9 March, followed by another commercial webinar on Blue Mountain Energy (BME) three-phase solutions on 18 March. You can also register to attend the Renusol webinar on 25 Match that will cover all aspects of installing Renusol’s MetaSole+ mounting solution with various handy hints and configuration tips. And finally, we are hosting a residential-focussed session on Pylontech’s lithium batteries on 30 March.

Keen to take part in one of SegenSolar’s online or in-person events? Create an account on the portal and view the ‘Events’ tab to browse the sessions and register your place.