Electrifying Africa, one country at a time

SegenSolar was established in South Africa in 2006 as a subsidiary of the Segen UK group. Since then, we have become the largest and one of the most well-regarded suppliers and distributors of solar PV equipment in South Africa.

However, we have aspirations to service all corners of Africa that are lacking in power, electrifying a dozen nations across the continent with affordable, renewable power. So, we are proud to work across several countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regions, tailoring our approach to solar in each country.

Supporting SADC

Headquartered in Gabarone, Botswana, SADC is a regional economic community comprising 16 member states. The organisation is committed to eradicating poverty and addressing several aspects of regional integration, such as industrial development and trade; finance, investment and customs; infrastructure and services; food agriculture and natural resources; social and human development; and policy planning and resource mobilisation.

SADC’s primary objectives are to achieve development, peace, security and economic growth across its member states, enhancing the quality of life for millions.

SegenSolar operates in the SADC member states listed below, and we are planning to continue expanding our footprint to bring consistent, sustainable electricity to as many people as possible. We have taken a quick look at each country’s current status with regard to electricity and any planned projects in the pipeline.


Electrification rate: 43% in urban areas, 8% in rural areas (26% average)

Electrification goal: 60% by 2025

  • Lubango PV Solar Park (or Quilemba Solar Power Station): 35MW ground-mounted solar project in the city of Lubango anticipated for commissioning in 2023
  • Hitachi ABB Power Grids: 370MW solar initiative comprising seven solar projects across Angola


Electrification rate: 77% in urban areas, 37% in rural areas (60% national average)

Electrification goal: 100% by 2030 (with 25% renewables)

  • Shumba Energy: 100MW project in Gabarone planned
  • Botswana Power Corporation tender for six solar power plants built through public-private partnerships (PPPs) involving independent power producers (IPPs) and the state-owned Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Electrification rate: 8.7%

Electrification goal: 65% by 2025

  • 1GW Kinshasa Solar City
  • 110MW of PV projects via Gridworks, Eranove and AEE Power


Electrification rate: 81%

Electrification goal: Increase renewable energy generation to 50% by 2025

  • Completion of a 10 MW solar PV plant in Lavumisa mid-2021 and with a €255 million investment to date, generating 13.75MW to deliver a guaranteed capacity of 10MW with a yearly yield of c. 22GWh
  • Approval for a 40MW project via the Swaziland Electricity Company
  • An 850kW project is in the pipeline for King Mswati III International Airport


Electrification rate: 15%

Electrification goal: 70% by 2030 (85% renewables with 5% from solar)

  • 170MW in projects with Filatex, giving 150,000 access to clean, reliable energy
  • 60MW of solar planned by ANKA


Electrification rate: 39%

Electrification goal: 80% by 2035

  • 75MW Salima Solar project, delivering 60MW of AC power to the grid and electrifying 85 healthcare facilities across Malawi


Electrification rate: 99%

Electrification goal: 40% to come from renewables by 2030

  • 17MWp Henrietta Solar PV Park, generating 27,000MWh of electricity
  • Mauritius’ state-owned Central Electricity Board (CEB) is launching two calls for expressions of interest to build several solar power plants with a combined capacity of 140 MWp, with storage


Electrification rate: 41%

Electrification goal: 50% by 2023

  • 40MW Mocuba project
  • 41MW Metoro project


Electrification rate: 53%

Electrification goal: 100% by 2040

  • NamPower 20MWp Khan solar project underway as of March 2022
  • NamPower issuing tender for a 50MW–130MW concentrated solar power with storage project in 2022


Electrification rate: 33%

Electrification goal: 65% by 2033

  • Electricity Reform Roadmap with 100MW planned for solar PV projects and 200MW in wind energy installations by 2024
  • 10MW Kahama Solar project
  • 60MWp Shinyanga Solar Project


Electrification rate: 67% in urban areas and 4% in rural areas (31% national average)

Electrification goal: 100% by 2030

  • Scaling Solar programme
  • 20MW Alten Energy solar park, with construction commencing in 2022


Electrification rate: 78% in urban areas, 14% in rural areas (40% national average)

Electrification goal: 100% by 2030

  • 25MW Shangani Solar Park
  • 100MW Kibo Energy solar park
  • 20MW Harava Solar Power Station

SegenSolar’s product offering encompasses dozens of off-grid PV products that are perfect for installers working in the SADC regions. Log in to the portal to explore our extensive off-grid portfolio.