Curious about KD Solar?

There are plenty of reasons why installers should be interested in KD Solar, a South African mounting expert that joined the SegenSolar portfolio in 2023. 

Not only does the brand have a unique understanding of the country’s diverse and complex energy requirements, given that it originated here in 2012, but it is also committed to quality. Every KD Solar component is tough yet lightweight, thanks to aluminium and stainless-steel components that offer durability, a long lifespan and easy installation.  

You may already know all this, given the manufacturer’s growing presence in the solar industry. But what you might not know is just how many mounting solutions it has to offer — or the convenience of implementing them in your upcoming project. 

So, keep reading for a comprehensive overview of KD Solar’s portfolio. You might just find your new favourite product! 

Mounting brackets 

As the components that keep solar panels safe and secure, mounting brackets are one of the most crucial parts of a rooftop PV system. And luckily for installers, KD Solar supplies plenty of them. 

Firstly, KD Solar offers the penetrating slate/Harvey tile roof mounting bracket with push-clip for long-rail solutions and tile-roof mounting bracket for long-rail solutions. 

There is also the 78mm landscape mounting bracket for corrugated roofs and KD Solar 78mm no-rail clip-lock roof brackets for landscape mounting, as well as the 120mm Diamond Deck roof bracket for landscape mounting. For portrait roofs, you can choose from the 200mm no-rail portrait mounting bracket for corrugated roofs and clip-lock portrait long-rail mounting bracket with push clip 

Whilst the standard options require screws to be fixed into place, the clip-lock and Diamond Deck models do not — helping minimise mess and reduced the risk of compromising the roof surface on metal and tiled rooftops. It just depends on which type suits your project! 

Mounting clamps, rails and roof anchors 

The array of options available for mounting brackets continues well into the rest of KD Solar’s mounting portfolio, with most components available in multiple variations. 

KD Solar supplies two different mounting rails: the 4.4m model and the larger, 4.7m alternative. Plus, both products can be cut to size and joined with the long rail joiner. Thus, the brand makes it easy to ensure a fit-for-purpose mounting system however big or small your project’s roof surface is. 

The brand also offers the 78mm short-rail roof anchor for a landscape IBR roof and adjustable roof anchor for portrait no-rail IBR roof solution, which has four ‘legs’ that can be modified to ensure a proper fit regardless of the roof crests. In turn, you can cater to more applications with fewer components. 

As for the components needed to mount the roof anchors to the rails, KD Solar offers the stainless steel self-bonding mid-clamp with push-clip and stainless-steel self-bonding adjustable end-clamp with 40mm Alancap, which is suitable for 30mm–40mm panels — covering middle and end clamping. 

V frames and ballast holders! 

To ensure installers can elevate panels on flat and low-angled roofs for optimum sun exposure and solar power generation, KD Solar produces an array of dedicated mounting components. 

Both the adjustable V-frame brackets for landscape mounting and 13–25 degrees adjustable V-frame bracket for portrait mounting are user-adjustable and can be used with any flat metal roof anchor, resulting in a truly flexible solution. They simply need installing with the threaded hex bolt for A-frame + metal roof bracket combo screws. 

What’s more, KD Solar boasts the ballast holder for flat-roof ballast mounting systems, which is designed for use with the brand’s A-frame brackets and 12kg weight. These products ensure a secure installation on flat concrete roofs. 

Plus, with a hanger bolt for a wood substructure and hanger bolt bracket with push-clip for long-rails, KD Solar helps you successfully complete installations even on less-common roof types. 

Essentially, KD Solar’s solar mounting portfolio is jam-packed with everything you could possibly need to finish residential and commercial projects to the highest possible standard — and with ease. Hopefully, this helps you know where to go when your next project request comes in… 

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