Commercial inverters and rectifier cabinets: new for 2024 

This summer, we built up our collection of inverter solutions from none other than Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

As one of today’s leading energy storage solution providers, this company — otherwise known as ATESS — has become an incredibly valuable addition to our ever-expanding offering, and that is something we want to shout about.

So, here is an insight into what ATESS is all about, as well as an overview of the selection of products we now proudly stock from the manufacturer. Keep reading; you could just discover your new favourite brand!

A bit about ATESS 

ATESS started out in 2017 — motivated by a desire to help develop and deliver affordable clean energy to people around the world.

With help from its research and development team formed of over 100 experienced engineers and an extensive laboratory that uses some of the most advanced testing equipment, ATESS has produced a plethora of solar energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

Seven years on from ATESS’ inception, the brand has amassed 11 offices and warehouses across the globe (with three more sites in the pipeline) and its solutions have been distributed to over 85 countries — including South Africa!

This brings us to the specific inverters and rectifier cabinets from ATESS that we have recently added to the SegenSolar portal.

Our ATESS collection

At SegenSolar, we stock three exceptional ranges from ATESS — all of which comprise industry-leading inverter products with everything installers could want and more to cater to South African PV projects.

1. PCS range

There are three bi-directional battery inverters offering programmable working modes and flexible configuration options in the PCS range.

From the PCS250 to the PCS500 and PCS630, these products support the remote control of diesel generators, with touchscreen LCD screens for convenient parameter setting and maintenance. Plus, they come with generous five-year product warranties.

PCS products also boast four-unit parallel capabilities, allowing for system deployments of up to and greater than a megawatt, and can work in two different set-ups. Either pair them with an ATESS bypass cabinet for an AC-coupled solution that transfers seamlessly between on and off-grid modes or use them alongside the RTF products for an efficient DC-coupled option.


2. The RTF range

As modular rectifier cabinets designed to work alongside models in the PCS range, the RTF products are equally awe-inspiring industrial-scale solutions.

Available in 300KVA and 600KVA sizes, these highly intelligent solutions do not just function as AC-DC converters, but they also offer a string of attractive benefits for large-scale application scenarios — especially when used in favour of less-innovative alternatives.

The ability of the RTF to convert AC power from the grid or diesel-generator to DC power allow PCS solutions to function efficiently when in use with inductive loads. Meanwhile, their ability to eliminate output fluctuations caused by switching and zero-millisecond transfer times makes them more suited to sensitive loads. They are an ideal solution for providing seamless power supplies!


3. The HPS range

Three-phase hybrid inverters and automatic transfer switches form the HPS range.

The HPS inverters are built to provide an all-in-one solution for commercial applications, featuring transformer-based designs that make them capable of handling inductive loads and four-unit parallel capabilities enabling easy system expansion.

With four different working modes (peak-shaving, time-of-use shifting, backup and off-grid), these cutting-edge units are equipped with touchscreen LCD user interfaces, as well as integrated export power limitation functionalities. In addition, they support diesel generator integration, with standard three-year warranties that can be extended by up to seven years. How impressive!


Browse our ATESS portfolio to discover all the components we stock from this leading brand and keep an eye on our Training & Events page for future opportunities to learn more about them. Every webinar or face-to-face session is free to attend and led by industry experts!